Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Currituck Girl Scouts Make a Difference through Fall Product Program

Each fall, Girl Scouts can participate in the Girl Scout Fall Product Program, a nut, candy and magazine sale that allows Girl Scout troops to earn money to start off the year and learn important business skills, such as goal setting and money management. For Girl Scout Troops 52 and 491 from Currituck, the fall product program was also an opportunity to give back to the community.

Last month, the Girl Scout troops visited the Lower Currituck Food Pantry, where they donated 284 packages of nuts and candies to help fill the shelves at the pantry. While there, the girls were also given a tour of the facility by Polly Gregory, the director of the pantry. The girls learned that even though they may not see signs of it, homelessness is an issue in their community. Gregory told the girls that in addition to food, people oftentimes come to the pantry seeking toiletry items in order to clean up for job interviews, but the pantry rarely has the items to fill this need. This has inspired the Girl Scout troops and they plan to host a collection drive to supply the food pantry with toiletry items.

Members of Girl Scout Troops 52 and 491 with
Polly Gregory, director of the Lower Currituck Food Pantry