Friday, May 6, 2016

Car Care Workshop

For many teens, turning 16 is a milestone, as they look forward to obtaining their driver’s license and the accompanying sense of freedom. But, with the new feeling of independence that comes with getting behind the wheel, also comes a new set of responsibilities. To help new and soon-to-be drivers learn about car care and safety, Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast and GEICO teamed up to hold a workshop for nearly 40 Girl Scouts on May 4 at Elite Auto Body in Norfolk.

As the girls arrived at the auto shop, they had the chance to mingle with a member of the GEICO sales team to learn about insurance, as well as with representatives from RK Chevrolet, who shared tips about purchasing a car. After a welcome message from Toiya Sosa, regional public affairs and community relations with GEICO, and Tracy Keller, CEO of Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, girl split into groups and rotated through four activity stations. Each station was run by members of the GEICO auto damage department from across Virginia and North Carolina.

The first two stations were hands-on opportunities for girls to learn about maintaining a vehicle. They checked the air pressure in car tires, learned about checking the depth of tire treads and practiced changing a car tire. They also looked under the hood of a car, where they checked oil levels and learned how to connect jumper cables to restart a car battery. Finally, while learning about why it is important to maintain their vehicle, the girls looked at examples of clean and dirty air filters.

“In driver’s education at school, we learn about some of these things, but we never actually do them, which is why I learned a lot tonight,” McKenna, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Chesapeake, said.

At the two other stations, girls participated in an interactive game to learn about the dangers of distracted driving and learned about the crash risks associated with young drivers. The girls also got a quick lesson in insurance, during which they learned about liability and different types of coverage.

“It’s important for girls to learn these life skills,” Sosa said. “They’ll feel empowered and confident on the road, and sharing this information with them is beneficial for traffic safety in general.”

The workshop concluded with a ceremony, where each girl received a GEICO Car Care Program patch. The Girl Scout Seniors, who are ninth and tenth graders, also earned the Girl Scout Car Care badge, which is designed to help prepare teens to become safe drivers.

Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast and GEICO will offer the car care program for teen girls in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina again this fall. For more information about opportunities with Girl Scouts, visit

View more photos from the event here.