Sunday, March 5, 2017

Troop 292 Hosts Journey Jam

Genesis, Mary and Peighton, Girl Scout Ambassadors from Troop 292 in Virginia Beach, hosted a workshop last month for nearly 100 Girl Scout Juniors to earn the Get Moving Journey, which takes girls on an adventure to become leaders to energize, investigate and innovate.

The members of Troop 292 kicked off the morning with a discussion about what energy is and what fuels the world. The Girl Scout Juniors learned about what changes they can make in their lives to be more energy efficient. They then made energy-related crafts, completed an energy crossword puzzle and enjoyed an energizing snack.

A favorite activity of the day was making wind-powered cars out of cardboard tubes and recycled paper and cardboard. The girls attached sails to their cars and used their own wind energy—breath— to race their cars and check the energy efficiency of their car design.

Before the end of the workshop, Girl Scouts took a pledge to cut back on their use of electricity, minimize the amount of trash they throw away and speak about issues that affect the environment so that they can inspire others to make a difference. Each girl who attended the workshop received a Get Moving Journey patch.

For Genesis, Mary and Peighton, who are high school seniors, the Get Moving Journey workshop was a fundraising activity. They will be putting the proceeds towards a troop trip to take this summer before they head off to college.