Friday, April 21, 2017

Dominion Virginia Power Takes a Girl Scout to Work

In the middle of launching a rebrand, Dominion Virginia Power – soon to be Dominion Energy – took time to host a Girl Scout during the Take a Girl Scout to Work Day sponsored by Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast. Girl Scout Breea Sandy was the lucky girl chosen to spend a day with employees at Dominion Virginia Power and was given an opportunity to learn first-hand about various departments at the company, including state and local affairs, design and customer service.

External Affairs Manager Troy Lindsey offered Breea insight into what it takes to be a manager at Dominion and the history of his 15-year career with the company.

“This is a great place to work,” Lindsey said. “When I started in 2001, I set my sights on the job I currently have. I never really thought I would get here so soon, but I have been given many opportunities to grow. As a math major in college, I never envisioned myself in the job I’m in now.”

From being a manager overseeing 25 employees in a call center to analyst and on to his current position, Lindsey says Dominion is committed to assessing the talent of their employees and helping them achieve. With a big grin, he said, “It worked for me!”

For someone who has so much ahead – college and then a first real job – this was good news. Breea said she will look for in an employer like Dominion in the future.

Breea also spent time in the Design department and traveled with Customer Project Designers Nancy Coons and Kim Alvis to a nearby construction site of the new Norfolk Premium Outlets. She learned how important the placement of transformers were, how lines were laid underground and about machinery used to place electric poles.

“I never knew there were so many different types of jobs to choose from,” Breea said. “There were a lot of people who had jobs very different from what they went to college for, so I guess you never know where life takes you. One thing was for sure, everyone told me math was important no matter what, so I guess I’ll keep trying harder at algebra!”

Take a Girl Scout to Work Day is modeled after the national Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® (TODASTW), where each year more than 3.5 million American workplaces open their doors to over 39 million employees and their children on TODASTW Day. Girl Scouts is committed to providing opportunities for girls to explore and discover in a wide variety career interests. Through opportunities, including Take a Girl Scout to Work Day at Dominion Virginia Power, Girl Scouts is able to introduce girls to professionals who show girls that they can be whatever they want to be.