Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Break out your running shoes—the 4th Annual Cookie Classic Run is coming up soon!

The 2018 Cookie Classic Run is happening on Saturday, January 20, meaning you’ve got just over six weeks to train for the Trefoil Trek 5k and the Samoa Stroll One-Miler.

If you haven’t participated in the annual run, don’t worry! Volunteer organizer Candice Cherry has all the details to bring you up to speed.

Cookie Classic Run volunteer organizer
Candice Cherry said the Cookie Classic is
a race for everyone.
Set in the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail in Chesapeake, the course is a flat and fast loop around the Great Dismal Swamp. 

Since the very first event in 2015, the number of participants has doubled, Candice said. In January, more than 400 runners participated in the Cookie Classic.

Why? The Cookie Classic is a race for everyone—Girl Scouts and their friends, families and community members of all ages are all invited to participate.

“We’ve got everyone from little kids to seniors coming out to run,” Candice said.

Long distance runners can register for the Trefoil Trek 5k. For a shorter sprint, runners can opt for the Samoa Stroll One-Miler. But Candice said if runners really want a challenge, they can go for the Thin Mint Challenge.

“The Thin Mint Challenge is for runners who want to participate in both the 5k and the One-Miler,” Candice said. 

Since the Cookie Classic starts at 9 a.m., Candice said it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather. But when planning your race day outfit, be sure to incorporate some cookie-themed fun. Awards will be given out for the best cookie and Girl Scout-themed outfits.

At the 2017 Cookie Classic, Julie, a member of Troop 5563,
was the first Girl Scout to cross the 5K finish line.
One thing you shouldn’t do is wear brand new running shoes. Candice suggests putting on a pair of worn-in sneakers to successfully sprint through the courses.

The best part of the run, Candice said, is how all of the runners work together to encourage other runners to finish and do their best.

“Whether the runners are friends or not, they always encourage others to push through and finish,” Candice said.

All participants get a prize. 5k finishers will receive a medal and one-miler finishers will receive a patch. Thin Mint Challengers will receive both.

Registration for the Cookie Classic is already open. Runners can head over to the website to get started.

All proceeds from the Cookie Classic benefit local Girl Scouts.

“The funds we raise are used to assist girls at a council level on outdoor activities and education,” Candice said.

If you want to help ensure the race is a success, Candice is always looking for more volunteers—even if you just come out and cheer for the runners!

For more information on the run and how you can get involved, head over to the official website.