Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Meet GSCCC Camp Director- Ashley Taylor

When Ashley Taylor put on her Girl Scout Brownie uniform for the first time as a second grader while growing up in Stafford, Va., she could have never guessed that Girl Scouting would still be such a big part of her life today. Ashley, who works as a school counselor in Caroline County, Va., has reconnected with Girl Scouts and taken on a new role this summer as the camp director for Camp Darden and Camp Skimino.

This summer, Ashley is especially looking forward to making sure that girls who are coming to camp for the first time have a fun summer experience that keeps them coming back. She has been working through the spring to help develop fun and interactive experiences for girls to take part in during the summer. From camp sessions centered on science and engineering to ultimate adventure activities, such as rock climbing and the high-ropes course, Ashley makes sure that there are ways for girls with all sorts of interests to be engaged at camp. 

Ashley, who attended Girl Scout camp while growing up, knows just how beneficial the all-girl camp environment can be, as girls try new things, gain practical life skills and develop lasting friendships. Even the youngest campers have the opportunity to take part in decision making and teamwork to discover their own personal leadership skills. Ashley values Girl Scout camp because it is a special place where girls, especially during their developmental years, can discover their talents and learn to succeed.

In the supportive, all-girl environment of Girl Scout camp, girls build social and emotional skills that they will use after camp—throughout the school year and beyond.

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