Friday, September 25, 2020

Silver Award Spotlight: YWCA Book Nook

Ophelia and Kailey of Girl Scout Troop 759 earned their Silver Award through their project YWCA Book Nook. The two dedicated their project to helping local women and children facing really difficult situations that led them to seek safety and assistance with the World Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Hampton Roads.

YWCA helps women and children who are displaced from their home due to domestic violence situations with resources and housing. Ophelia and Kailey were inspired to do their project after learning that there was no designated reading space for young children temporarily living in the shelter managed by YWCA.

To complete their project, the pair met with YWCA staff and researched the children's needs. Next they created flyers seeking community support and donations. The two toured the facility, took measurements, and used those for their blueprints and planning.

The two girls learned how to cut, measure, and use power tools safely in the construction of their nook. Once completed, they dropped off the book cases and benches they built and began to assemble the children’s reading space along with other donated children’s decor.

“We are ecstatic to have finished this project because we now know that they (YWCA) have a

plan to keep the project ongoing and we hope it will continue to encourage reading,” Kailey said.

Congratulations to Ophelia and Kailey and thank you for making the world a better place!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

How to Be Part of Girl Scouts of the USA National Council Session Video!

Be Part of Girl Scouts of the USA National Council Session Video

As part of providing the most fulfilling, inspirational, and memorable experience possible we're going to create a Council Shout-Out video that will play during National Council Session. The session is all virtual this year, so there are several ways for involvement. Videos are due to GSUSA by October 4. 

This video will be seen by thousands nationally and will set the tone for the entire event. What will the Finished Video look like? The final video will be a photo montage of 112 Girl Scouts portraits, one from each council and from USAGSO. 

Girl Scouts are encouraged to find a creative, visual way to represent their council. It could be choice of background or holding an object that represents something special about your council. The 112 most creative, interesting and appealing photos will be chosen. 

Is this activity safe? 
Yes! You can make the video safely at home or outside while social distancing. 

What’s the dress code? 
You can choose to wear your Girl Scout uniform or you can dress to represent what you love about your Council. 

 What do I need to take the photo? 
All you need is a phone or camera and a stable place to put the phone HORIZONTALLY. Once you’ve taken the photo, you’ll need an internet connection to send the photo(s). What do I do once I’ve taken the photo? Send it to us! To be considered, you have to send us two things: 1) your full resolution photos and 2) a completed materials release, signed by your guardian

Who can participate? 
Any active Girl Scout can participate of any age, from Daisy to Ambassador. Parents are welcome to help behind the scenes. I’m Interested! 

What should I do? 
Dream up an interesting way to take a portrait of yourself while also representing your council. Think about what backgrounds, objects, props, and uniform elements can best represent your particular council. Find a bright room or spot outside, and take a HORIZONTAL shot of yourself standing about three feet away from your camera. Take as many photos as you want, then choose the best two (2) photos and send us those. 

How can my photo look awesome? 
We’ve included guidelines for taking great photos for this project. Please read them carefully. It’ll increase the chances your photo gets selected! How do I send the photos and signed release? Upload everything to the following link: 

At the bottom of the form, include the project name “GSSHOUT” 

When are they due? 
Get your submissions in ASAP! The sooner we get your photos, the more likely we are to use it. All photos should be submitted by October 4th, 2020. What if I have a question or problem? Contact us! You can email Morgan,

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Fall Product Program #ThrowbackThursday

 Yumm - Fall Product Program is starting September 19 and it's time to buy Girl Scout nuts and candies. Did you know that not that long ago, you could order Girl Scout calendars along with those nuts and candies? 

The official Girl Scout calendar sales began in 1944 when sugar rationing and other restriction of World War II made cookie sales difficult. Over the decades, the calendar covers helped us celebrate special occasions in Girl Scouts like our anniversaries and the start of new programs and awards such as the Gold Award. For those alum who were around in the 80s, you'll recall selling full and pocket size calendars for $2 each! 

Calendar sales slowed with the increase of technology and eventually stopped being part of the Fall Product Program offerings in 2008. There have been a few national Girl Scout calendars created and sold through retail such as the calendar produced for our 100th anniversary.  Do you remember selling Girl Scout calendars?  

Be sure to check out our Fall Product Program website page with full details of this year's exciting program. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Earn Your First Aid Badge- September is National Preparedness Month

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month?  You can find out how to make a plan, create an emergency kit and teach readiness at Ready.Gov!

September is also a perfect time for girls to earn their First Aid badges so they can be prepared!
It is very important to teach girls how to be safe and how to respond when emergencies happen. Learning basic first aid skills will empower girls to help themselves, and maybe help others, too.

You can find some first-aid learning resources at Girl Scouts at Home

While the videos don’t replace hands-on learning, they’re another way to connect Girl Scouts with the resources and education they need to complete the Senior First Aid badge. 

Here's a few we found: 

A series created by a sister council to help girls earn the Senior First Aid badge: 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

GSUSA Needs Your Help to Celebrate Global Sisterhood

It’s time to celebrate the global sisterhood of Girl Scouting at National Council Session(NCS)! Would you like to be part of the opening? Since this is a virtual event, that can truly be possible. 

As part of providing the most fulfilling, inspirational, and memorable experience possible GSUSA is going to create a virtual flag processional video that will kickoff NCS. This video will represent the Flag Processional that is a time-honored tradition and officially marks the start of an in-person NCS.  It will be seen by thousands nationally and will set the tone for the entire event. 

The final video will be a photo montage of councils, USAGSO and others, each representing an assigned country which is a WAGGGS Member Organization. Any active Girl Scout can participate! 

GSCCC members interested, should research our Council assigned country, Cameroon, and then use their imagination in the design of the country’s flag, which will be held by the girl in the photo. 

Girls must follow instructions and submit to by September 8. Be sure to send your photo permission form with the photo you send. ONLY send one photo per email along with the photo permission document.

Girls must be in full uniform. 

Find a bright room and set up a stable HORIZONTAL shot of the girl standing about three-five feet away from your camera. 

What do I need to take the photos? All you need is a phone or camera that shoots photos.  Be sure to shoot your photos HORIZONTALLY. Once you’ve taken them, you’ll need an internet connection to send the photos. 

 For any photo to be considered, you have to send us two things: a) the full resolution photo and b) a completed  photo release for each submission, signed by the girl’s parent or guardian. You can find this on our website's Forms page or click here.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Silver Award Spotlight: Chemo Kits

Girl Scout Cadettes Lily and Amelie took initiative to help out in a really meaningful way by creating "Chemo Kits" for children in the hospital who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Chemotherapy is often painful or uncomfortable, and children go through it all the time. These Girl Scouts decided to help make their experience a little more comfortable and show their support in a way they knew how.

In order to start working on the Chemo Care Kits, Lily and Amelie researched prices on many items and created a budget. Once they knew what they wanted to include, and how they could do it, they reached out to Love Your Melon, a non-profit whose mission is solely to accommodate those with cancer, mainly those undergoing Chemo. They happily sent over beanies to include in each kit. The girls constructed two kits per category. These are the categories they worked within and what they included for each kit:


all received: Love Your Melon beanie, port pillow

in addition,

girls and boys aged 1-4: teddy bear, baby blanket, baby book, cozy socks

girls and boys aged 5-10: coloring book & crayons, cozy socks, lemon drops

boys aged 11+: water bottle, lemon drops, cozy socks, earbuds

girls aged 11+: Pura Vida bracelet, lemon drops, cozy socks, earbuds


Through this experience, they learned skills in budgeting, teamwork, leadership, careful sanitization (due to COVID and the kids being immunocompromised), and community networking. Because of these girls, these kids will have a much better experience during something that can be super scary. 

Thank you, Lily and Amelie!

Gold Award Spotlight: Writing Right

Advocating for those who need a voice and bringing awareness to things we all can do to help is part of the Girl Scout way. Girl Scout Ambassador Cassandra earned the Gold Award in her project, Writing Right by doing those two things! 

Cassandra worked with a licensed occupational therapist to write a children’s book, Writing Right, aimed to help students with dysgraphia, a learning disability that affects fine motor skills like writing, cope.

The main character of Cassandra’s book, Writing Right, is a third grader Noah, who has dysgraphia. Cassandra shares experiences of Noah as he goes through school and faces various challenges that other kids might not be aware of.

She hopes that her book will spread awareness of dysgraphia to readers by getting to know Noah as a person and a friend. Cassandra’s book was designed to help others, especially kids, understand more about this lesser-known disability and help those affected through resources at the end of the book.

Cassandra was able to donate 40 copies of her book to local schools and public libraries. In addition, Cassandra’s book was published and offered online at cost for a print version or free on Kindle.

Visit for more information or to purchase or download a copy.