Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Bronze Award Spotlight: Bags of Hope

Eleven Girl Scout Juniors in Troop 18 decided to bring hope to their community by completing a Girl Scout Bronze Award service project they titled, “Bags of Hope.” The Girl Scout Juniors, led by Girl Scout volunteer Sandy Barrett, have been consistently passionate about helping others and making a difference in their community throughout their Girl Scout journey together as a troop. Sandy began Troop 18 six years ago when the girls were Girl Scout Daisies. They used the same passion that has fueled their journey together to inspire their Bronze Award project.

 Sandy said, “When brainstorming service project ideas together, foster care was one of the topics suggested. As the girls reached out to community stakeholders, they began to learn surprising and sad statistics about foster children. Learning about children in foster care is what made the girls want to do more.” 


To begin their project, the girls met with several different leaders in their community to learn more about foster care. They spoke to Melvin Roy, founder of Foster U, an organization led by Old Dominion University students which aims to help youth in the foster care system through community service, workshops, and mentoring. The girls also met with Joy Rios, founder of Connect With a Wish, a local non-profit that supports children in foster care with a “Handle With Care Bag” which includes toiletries, a blanket, pajamas, socks, undergarments, a flashlight, a book, and other age-appropriate items. By speaking with these community leaders, the Girl Scouts were able to gain perspective and understand the challenges facing youth in foster care in their communities, which ultimately gave them motivation and ideas to help! 


Sandy said, “When speaking with Melvin Roy, who was in the foster care system himself, the girls learned about what life can be like as a foster child, obstacles that he was faced with, and how people have helped him throughout his journey. The girls prepared questions and used the information that they learned to develop their project. They learned that many children in foster care, when placed in a home, can be removed from their home at very short notice and oftentimes don’t have many personal belongings with them. They are often scared and don’t want to ask their new foster parents for items they may need on their first night.” 


To tackle this challenge, the Girl Scouts of Troop 18 decided that they wanted to collect items and assemble bags to provide to Connect With a Wish. To accomplish this goal, the girls created digital flyers seeking donations to share with family, friends, and teachers and asked for permission to leave collection boxes at community organizations, such as the YMCA. They used the facts and information that they learned during community visits to write a script for an informational video. Connect With a Wish shared this video on their social media to spread awareness about the Girl Scout Juniors and their project. 


Along with receiving the Bronze Award, Sandy said that the Girl Scouts truly earned much more. “As we talked with the girls about what they learned, many shared that they learned to appreciate what they have and that even on their worst days, it doesn't compare to what foster kids are going through. They also learned that though they are young, they can do great things.”


She continued, “The girls also came to realize that kids they come into contact with every day could be in foster care or going through something tough and that they should always treat people with kindness and understanding. The girls also gained a great deal of understanding about foster care and became aware of many things that they didn’t know before. It resonated with them that kids can be taken from their home or school without any notice and how hard that must be. The girls were also astounded by the statistics that they learned about foster care both locally and in our country.”


On April 4, 2022, the Girl Scout Juniors delivered their Handle with Care bags and other donations to Connect with a Wish. Girl Scout Juniors Olivia B., Abagail, Josephine, Brooke, Keira, Chloe, Marisa, Blake, London, Teagan, and Olivia S. were awarded their Bronze Award upon completion of this project.


Congratulations, Troop 18! Ready to earn your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award? Learn about Girl Scouts’ Highest Awards including tips on how to get started.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Celebrate Month of the Military Child with our April Contest!


Celebrate Month of the Military Child with our Contest in April!

No matter where a family’s military service takes girls, Girl Scouts is at the ready with tried-and-true programming and a supportive network that allows girls to continue their unique leadership journeys; build new friendships; and enjoy a reliable, safe space of their own.

It's time to share your story!
Post a picture or video on social media using #MonthoftheMilitaryChild and #BecauseOfGirlScouts, and tag @girlscouts and @gsccc. 

Don’t forget to enter the GSCCC Month of the Military Child Contest!


GSCCC invites Girl Scouts who are military family dependents to submit an entry to win a Girl Scout gift certificate worth $15 that can be used at our GSCCC shops. There are three grade-level categories and one winner from each. Deadline for entries is April 30, 2022. Take a photo of your artwork and send photos and essays to marcomm@gsccc.org


Contest details and rules-

Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies - 

Create a drawing on a letter-size paper that portrays a military caregiver at work, as you know it.


Girl Scout Juniors-

Follow directions for the Daisy and Brownie category but, in addition, add a paragraph (3-5 sentences) detailing what is taking place in the drawing/art.


Girl Scout Cadettes and up - 

Write at least a 600-word essay about an experience you had as a military child, perhaps overseas participating in a special program or why you are proud to be a military child.

We can't wait to see your submissions!

Send your entries to marcomm@gsccc.org by April 30, 2022. Be sure to include full name of girl, full name of parent, Girl Scout grade level and troop number.

More ways to celebrate Month of the Military Child here on our site https://bit.ly/3tXF7uw

Monday, April 4, 2022

Troop 522 Bronze Award- Collection Box for Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge

Girl Scout volunteer and leader of Troop 522 is guiding her Girl Scout Juniors through the Bronze Award project and they could use your help! To earn their Bronze Award, Troop 522 is collecting donations to benefit Evelyn’s Wildlife Refuge in Suffolk, VA. For over 25 years, Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge has been providing shelter and rehabilitation services to orphaned, sick and injured wildlife in the Hampton Roads area and they rely solely on support from the community and their donors.

Dawn has been involved with Girl Scouts as a parent since her daughter first started as a Daisy and has been formally volunteering for the last five years. She now is the leader of Girl Scout Junior Troop 522 and was originally encouraged to get involved as a volunteer to help her daughter have a more fulfilling experience in Girl Scouts while living in Carlsbad, California. Troop 522, now Girl Scout Juniors, have been together since they were second year Brownies.

“​While in California and my daughter was a Daisy, she was in a mega troop that had 30 girls and they were not focused on being outdoors. It was hard to get to know the girls and she was much more of a smaller group person so I decided to start my own troop.”

Dawn continued, “When we moved to Virginia, it was important to my daughter to keep her Girl Scout membership and we joined Troop 522. I took a co-leader leader position when the girls bridged to Juniors because I enjoy working with the girls and watching them develop their leadership skills and love for the outdoors. ​It's important for girls to have a place where they can express themselves and learn how to lead and support other girls. Girls get to experience and try new things and cultivate current interests. Amazing things can be done with just an idea and a supportive environment.​”

Along with their most recent service project with Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge, Troop 522 has also previously packed meals for children who cannot afford lunches through a local church program.

Girl Scout Troop 522 doubled their 2022 Girl Scout Cookie goals, according to Dawn.​ Originally they planned to sell 1,000 boxes and are approaching 2,000 boxes sold. The girls plan to use funds earned from their participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program to benefit their Bronze Award project as well as to enjoy a troop overnight visit to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA.

You can support Troop 522’s project by donating the following items to a collection bin at A Place for Girls. Please see the flyer for a full list of accepted donations. 

To help, please Contact Dawn at 619-889-7679 to schedule a time to make a donation or drop the following items off at A Place for Girls in Chesapeake, VA, 912 Cedar Road, Chesapeake, VA, 23322. 

Donation Items Accepted at A Place for Girls to benefit Troop 522 Bronze Award Project:

Peanut Butter

Mixed Nuts Unsalted

Peanuts – raw (bag or container)


Cotton Balls


Laundry Soap

Full list of items needed: