Thursday, December 30, 2021

Alum Spotlight: Famous Former Dawn Peters

 Since 1917, Girl Scouts have been selling their iconic cookies to fund unique trips and experiences. Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast is no short of successful cookie entrepreneurs. Last year, we recognized Dawn Peters financial advisor for Lincoln Financial Advisors in our latest class of famous Formers honorees. 

Dawn spent a good deal of her childhood in Girl Scouts enjoying her family‘s generational tradition of being a Girl Scout. She says her love for business and finance came from her success as a Girl Scout Cookie seller. She also loved earning badges and having leadership opportunities. As an adult, she engaged as a Girl Scout volunteer leading troops for both her daughters. Dawn has been a financial advisor since 1998. She joined Lincoln Financial Advisors in August 2012 and has been a successful female businesswoman ever since. 

Hear from Dawn Peters in a video below as she shares how participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program gave her the courage, character and confidence to follow her dreams in pursuit of a career in finance. 

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Citizenship for Young Learners

Girl Scout Ambassador Caroline recently earned the Gold Award by completing a project she called, “Citizenship for Young Learners.” She worked with Lee Ann Chisenhall, Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools Social Studies Coordinator to understand the needs of an existing citizenship program for first graders, Daughters of the American Revolution First Grade Citizenship Program, and created a video curriculum to support the program county-wide.

She organized interviews about citizenship with Senator Monty Mason, representative of the Peninsula’s 1st Senate District, Dr. Howard Townsend, principal of Jamestown High School, Dr. Matt Eppright, coach of the Tidewater Sharks, and Mr. Leslie Hall of the Williamsburg James City County  Fire Department. Using clips from the video interviews along with other interactive elements, Fuller created three SOL aligned video lessons for classroom use: Citizenship at Home and in Your Classroom, Citizenship in Your Community, and Citizenship in Your State and Country. 

“Citizenship is an important topic in education, especially in younger grades,” Fuller said. “Besides identifying as a citizen of a nation, the dictionary also defines citizenship as the quality of an individual’s response to membership in a community. Being an involved, engaged part of the community is an important life skill.”

Caroline's curriculum is available to all first grade teachers in the Williamsburg James City County School District. 

Congratulations, Caroline!

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Girl Scouts Serve Up Thoughtful Gestures This Fall

Community service projects make the world a better place right now. Whether girls engage in a short-term community service project, like collecting toys for kids who live in shelters, or a long-term or recurring project, like weekly volunteer shifts at a soup kitchen, their work fills an immediate need in the community. As they look for meaningful ways to contribute to their community, they sharpen their problem-solving skills and expand their interests.

For Girl Scouts, serving their communities is a year-round affair, and as the weather cools down, there comes an extra sense of warmth from helping others – especially during the holiday season. Dozens of troops in our Council have been hard at work this fall serving up thoughtful gestures throughout their communities. Here are a few spotlights of Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast making a difference- 

For a second year, the York-Poquoson Girl Scouts of Service Unit 150 put together nearly 500 "Boo-Bags" (Halloween candy and non-edibles) and donated them to the Poquoson Food Pantry and St Luke's Food Pantry for distribution prior to Halloween. Back in 2020, all trick-or-treating was canceled due to the pandemic, so the Girl Scouts worked together to find a community solution, the "Boo-Bags." Due to its success and popularity, they chose to repeat the project again in 2021. Almost 80 girls participated this year; 10 troops and one Juliette.  

Girl Scout Daisy Ellie has continued her tradition of collecting toys for children at Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD)!  Read a feature of this service project by WAVY TV 10 here- 

Girl Scout Troop 1515 was among the many troops who participated in the council-wide No-Sew Blanket community service project! This troop started with 12 girls at the start of fall and now has grown to have 36 girl members!  Here, sisters Girl Scout Junior Kaitlyn and Girl Scout Daisy Samantha show the camera their no-sew blanket creations ready for donation to youth in need! 

Girl Scout Ambassador Evelyn recently earned her Gold Award by creating a program designed to spark young children's interests in STEM fields, recognizing female STEM professionals along the way! Her story was highlighted by The Virginian-Pilot! 

Girl Scout troops of Service Unit 250 in the Lynnnhaven Shores area of Virginia Beach recently worked together to stuff and donate 200 stockings to give to the Salvation Army for distribution to families in need. Service Unit 250 has been participating in this particular community service project in cooperation with the Salvation Army for over 20 years. Pictured here is Girl Scout Brownie Savannah, member of Girl Scout Brownie Troop 343, helping to deliver the service unit's filled stockings to the Salvation Army's Christmas Depot. 

Thank you to all Girl Scouts, volunteers, and alum who are working to make the world a better place through your commitment to service! 

Gold Award Spotlight: Music for a Cure

Girl Scout Ambassador Madison recently earned the Gold Award by completing a project she titled, “Music for a Cure.” She worked with Music Therapist, Christopher Byrd, of Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters to create a neurologic music intervention curriculum for use with a nearby elementary school’s special education program and aa local high school’s student clinic. Madison had a goal to use professional music intervention protocols with students to alleviate certain concerns while they are in a school setting.

The program, which includes audible musical components and hands on components based on scientifically proven methods, was used at the schools in classroom and clinic settings. Teachers with the special education program reported positive outcomes like good moods and increased attention spans for students after participating. The school clinic reported that students found the audible component to be soothing and help alleviate minor complaints like headaches for high school students. She says neurological issues can be common but there are ways to help.

“There are many neurological disorders and problems present in my community,” she said. “These range from some that are more common, like depression and anxiety, to some that are less common like Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome and special needs-based disorders. After personally experiencing many challenges from these types of disorders, I helped students in my community and elsewhere by reducing symptoms of some of these challenges.”

Congratulations, Madison!

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Gold Award Project in Progress: R.E.A.D

Girl Scout Ambassador Jasmine has a busy schedule these days as she finishes up her last year in high school and last year as a girl member in Girl Scouts. She had done so much already, serving as a council delegate, a cookie captain, and a media girl. Last year, she received the highest Council award a girl may be given, the Buck Harris Award. She is now working on her Girl Scout Gold Award and plans to complete it before spring. Her project, R.E.A.D. ( red-defining, environmental, attitude, development),  has many elements to it, including a public engagement component. This fall, she hosted an event where she recruited the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Williamsburg Regional Library, the colonial soil and Water Conservation group and the Green Club at Williamsburg Classical Academy – a club she started as her Girl Scout Silver Award project. The event brought information on how to re-purpose books, what happens to trash, such as books thorn away, and had a hands-on activity to help educate on oil spills.
Since science is one of her favorite subjects, and why she decided to “go green” with her Gold project, Jasmine has also signed up for STEM Club events that are being offered by the Council. 
“At the STEM program, we assembled robots from items supplied to us,” she said. “ Through this activity, girls learned how to follow directions, connect wires, use tools such as screwdrivers and wire cutters. If the robot didn’t function based on plans, we would troubleshoot and make improvements. This was a really good program where I was able to get more time building mechanical skills.”  
Way to go Jasmine! You know what they say about busy people, want to get something done, ask a person who is already busy!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Self Love Spread Love Curriculum

Girl Scout Ambassador Veronica recently earned the Gold Award for completing a project she titled, “Self Love Spread Love Curriculum.” 

Through research, Veronica found that teens are faced with many stresses but often lack the skills and education needed to cope in healthy ways. She found the most common causes of low self-esteem and stress for children 11-14 and developed a plan to make a difference by spreading education in the form of a middle school curriculum hosted online for easy accessibility.

“I researched what causes low self-esteem in teens and the topics I felt I could conquer were negative self-talk patterns, toxic friendships, comparison, and setting unrealistic goals,” she said. “Learning about these topics and understanding ways they can boost their own self-esteem will help teens be more resilient when facing challenges.”

On her website, she created a 45-minute lesson plan for each of the five segments that can be done in a class setting or at home with an accompanying video. Veronica’s website is available free to families here-

Congratulations, Veronica!

Gold Award Spotlight: Raining with Care Project

Girl Scout Ambassador Virginia recently earned the Gold Award by completing her project titled, “Raining with Care Project.” Virginia worked with Charlie Morse of Williamsburg Community Growers to understand the needs of an existing garden maintained by the organization in Williamsburg and its volunteers and organized plans to make an addition.

The garden is divided into several sections including a bee keeping garden, a teaching garden, a berry patch, family maintained plots, and a green house with community education and sustainment as the focus of all sections. Virginia designed a gardenscape that uses rainwater collection and pipes to encourage irrigation as a main component of its design. She also made a kiosk to educate visitors about the possibilities of irrigation, explain the design, and how rainwater collection can be used to improve a garden’s sustainability.

“I think it is especially important to aid our community through the conservation of resources,” Virginia said. “This is how we will be able to have enough to provide for the community and its later generations.”

Following the completion of her garden, she created a virtual “field trip” video tour of the garden for local elementary school students that could be shared with parents or in a class setting.

Congratulations, Virginia!

Friday, November 12, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: EngineerKids!

Girl Scout Ambassador Evelyn recently earned her Gold Award by completing a project she titled, “EngineerKids!” She created a website and workshop curriculum aimed at students K-5 that details six major branches of engineering: aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear while highlighting female engineers throughout the series. 

“The low numbers of women in engineering stems from the lack of exposure in their developmental years,” she said. “If girls are not exposed to the field when they are young, they will be more likely to dismiss it as a viable career option.”

Her website discusses, in detail, each branch of engineering and provides concept quizzes for students to test their knowledge at the end of each module. In each section of the online curriculum, there is an interview video with a female engineer in each of the six fields that goes along with the concepts learned.

Evelyn hosted two in-person workshops where she gave a presentation followed by hands-on projects for the elementary-aged students to explore the different fields in her community. She also created workshop kits with ten experiments inside and distributed the materials to area schools including Isle of Wight Academy. 

“Lack of women in STEM is a national issue,” she said. “Women make up only 28% of the workforce in science, technology, engineering and math (American Association of University Women). My project not only seeks to educate children in the field of engineering, but also, through the interviews, expose elementary and tween girls to real-life women engineers.” 

Families can access her free resources online at

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Ready, Set Play!

Girl Scout Ambassador Gabriella recently earned her Gold Award, the highest honor and achievement in Girl Scouting by completing a project she titled “Ready, Set, Play!” She recognized that many families were facing social isolation and wanted to offer a safe outdoor space in her community that was inviting for families to get out of their homes while involving her interest in tennis. 

“Because tennis doesn't require any direct person-to-person contact, players can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits that tennis offers in a safe environment,” Gabriella said.

She worked with John Ruggerio of Norfolk Parks and Recreation to assess the needs of Larchmont Tennis Courts and to determine ways she could make an impact and reinvigorate the property. She went on to update the space by doing landscaping, creating a mural, and replacing signage at the facility. 

Gabriella hosted tennis clinics with the help of volunteers named “Ready, Set, Play!” at the tennis court where the community was invited to experience the space and invited to learn about playing tennis and the importance of physical and mental health.

“Open spaces for activity provide many advantages including the preservation of nature, places for physical activity, and an escape from stress to reconnect with family and friends,” she said. "My project’s goal was to encourage adolescents to look outside and to look to nature for physical and mental health support.”

Friday, November 5, 2021

Volunteer Spotlight: Taryn-Marie Jenkins

Taryn-Marie Jenkins says her love for volunteering and helping others is rooted in her Girl Scout experience. She loves helping others and currently serves as a member of the GSCCC Gold Award Committee! She joined Girl Scouts as a Daisy in kindergarten and has been involved in the movement ever since, earning top awards that included the highest award, the Gold Award. To earn her Gold Award, she tackled an issue she cares deeply about, giving foster care kids opportunities. Her project, titled “Jumping the Hurdles – Foster Care to College,” focused on increasing the number of foster care youth transitioning to college in her community. While there were many components of the project, two important ones were building a website as a resource and distributing college kits to her community foster care teens. In 2019, she was recognized for her outstanding work on the project and earned the honor of National Gold Award Girl Scout, one of ten young women to be recognized and benefit from college scholarships.  

“My Girl Scout experience taught me so much,” she said. “I learned skills in project management, teamwork, fundraising, and marketing – to name just a few areas. I also learned a lot about giving back to my community through troop activities. We met at the Bethel AME Church in inner city Wilmington, Delaware.  Today, I actively volunteer, both on and off campus.”

GSCCC Volunteer Taryn-Marie Jenkins

 Today, she is a junior at Hampton University majoring in journalism with a cinema studies concentration.  As a member of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute, she is also minoring in leadership studies and plans to graduate May of 2023. Her campus Involvements include the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society and the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.  

“I am motivated to build a career in the television industry establishing myself as a storyteller,” she said. “My plans include writing and directing historical documentaries.  Additionally, I want to continue my work with foster care youth by establishing a nonprofit that promotes college readiness programming.”

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Spreading Happiness Through Art

Girl Scout Ambassador Hannah recently earned her Gold Award  by completing a project she titled, “Spreading Happiness Through Art.” Hannah created a wall mural for the youth program building at First Presbyterian Church of Virginia Beach with the goal of spreading joy to all of those who see it.

The mural reads, “Love Your Neighbor,” and Hannah hopes the mural will serve as a friendly reminder to the youth at her church of the importance of kindness. She also hosted “kindness rock” painting sessions at her church where children from the congregation learned about art therapy and the difference they can make by being kind to the world around them.

“The kids all learned the importance of checking up on their friends,” Hannah said. “They learned the importance of decompressing by doing something you are passionate about and they each left the workshop with kindness rocks to give to a loved one.”

The mural will live on at  First Presbyterian Church of Virginia Beach and Hannah has provided informational note cards near the mural for those interested in learning more.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Volunteer Spotlight: Eileen Livick

Eileen Livick is a go-getter volunteer who wears many hats. She says her favorite role has always been as troop leader. While she has led girls of all grade levels in the past, today she leads a Girl Scout Ambassador troop and is loving it. She also serves as a GSCCC National Delegate, is a member of GSCCC’s Board of Directors’ Sustainability Task Group, is active as an outdoor facilitator, and is the Council’s Girl Scout Destination Coordinator. Known as the “travel queen” by many, Eileen has gone on more than a dozen international trips and has advised many other councils regarding travel for Girl Scouts. She was spotlighted in a EF Tours for Girl Scouts publication!

Eileen began her career as a Girl Scout in San Diego Imperial Council, now known as Girl Scouts San Diego, and as an adult uses her skills and talents to help girls have awesome experiences, like traveling the world, as a destinations coordinator.

Eileen said, "I believe the travel bug came very early in my life. Growing up in a military family I was fortunate to be able to see much of the United States during our many moves. My parents taught us to read a map, find landmarks, suggest a route to drive, and pinpoint our location which answered our own question of 'are we there yet?'"

She continued, "Traveling with Girl Scouts gives girls a safe place to be risk takers. A place to be a problem solver, a navigator, and a time manager, a chance to get out of their comfort zone, to practice a new language and try new foods while interacting in a new and different culture. I want girls to look beyond being a tourist and become a traveler, to never minimize the value of a detour as it is part of the journey."


 Eileen has five tips for leaders interested in taking a troop trip- 

1. Remember, this trip is for the girls. Get and keep them involved in every step of the planning process. 

2. After making plan A... make plans B, C & D. 

3. Do your research: Learn as much in advance of your travel destination. Know the customs, language, currency, dress code, transportation and food options, to list a few. 

4. Learn to pack light. Know it's okay to re-wear your clothing & practice packing before you go 

5. Be flexible and most of all have fun!


Resources such as Guide to U.S. Travel, Road to Global Travel, and Global Travel Tool Kit all provide insightful information and are available on the GSUSA website.  On a more local level, consult with your service unit volunteer support team, look through the GSCCC magazine for travel opportunities, and network with other adult volunteers and troops who have previously traveled.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Remembering Girl Scout Abby Furco

Join us in remembering Girl Scout Abby Furco from Troop 308 in Virginia Beach who passed on October 19. She was a proud student at Kellam High School but struggled with cancer and complications from cancer treatments for many years. Abby first became ill when diagnosed with leukemia at the age of four and immediately started treatment at that time. Throughout her life, she experienced many treatments and hospital stays, including a bone marrow transplant. While keeping up with doctors’ visits and medical tests took time and energy, Abby was determined to have a normal life. She joined Girl Scouts at the age of five and became a Girl Scout Daisy. The positive attitude ingrained in her spirit, along with the love of her parents, helped many of Abby’s dreams come true.

Girl Scouts was an important part of her life. It was a place where she made friends and had a chance to make a difference in her community. With her troop, she did a number of community service projects that included making pet toys for the SPCA and doing a food and clothing drive for those in need. Her desire to make a difference and help people led her to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest award earned by a Girl Scout Junior. The troop’s Bronze Award project included creating a menu and then cooking three meals for Virginia homeless through a partnership with PiN ministry. The troop also sewed stuffed toys for the children served by PiN. Girl Scout Troop Leader Carolyn Castano said Abby loved planning and leading badge work and camping.

Abby Furco at the 2016 Cookie Kickoff

Abby also enjoyed earning badges, particularly the cooking badge, as cooking was one of her favorite hobbies with dreams of becoming a chef. Abby’s warm and approachable personality made her popular among troop mates and at school. She was quick to laugh and to try new things. In 2017, she became a Cookie Captain and was proud of the cape she wore to the Cookie Kickoff held at the Children’s Museum in Portsmouth. She was recognized as a cookie champion at the 2017 Girl Fest event held at the Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach.

Abby lived the Girl Scout Promise and Law each and every day, helping others and finding ways, no matter how small or great, to make a difference in the world. She will be greatly missed.

Service details:

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Peace for Pets

Girl Scout Ambassador Delaney recently earned her Gold Award by completing a project she titled, “Peace for Pets.”

Before the implementation of her project, Eastern Shore Chapel Cemetery in Virginia Beach had no policies or procedures in place that allowed the placement of patrons' deceased pets. Delaney worked with Mike Brown, cemetery manager, to design a plan and pick a plot for a pet memorial garden. Delaney created brochures for church members explaining different types of pet memorial processes, including cremations and the scattering of ashes, a sustainable solution.

With the help of Sandy Ricks, Norfolk Master Gardener, Delaney planned out the species of plants she would like to use in the garden and got to work with the help of volunteers. The memorial project included gardening and planting the plot, placing a bench for visitors and creating a birdhouse to encourage wildlife to visit all with the aim to bring solace to visitors.

For a finishing touch, Delaney added a statue of Saint Francis, the Patron Saint of animals.

“The creation of a pet cremation section of the cemetery would allow the cremains of a person’s deceased pet to be memorialized,” Delaney said. “The purpose of my project is to make the cemetery more open and inclusive as well as visually appealing.”

At the end of her project, brochures were distributed to parishioners and Delaney gained interest in her garden as an option for people during a difficult time.

“I hope this will become a sacred and peaceful place where members of Eastern Shore Chapel and other patrons of the cemetery may have their beloved pet cremains placed.”

Congratulations, Delaney!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Cookie Classic Run Mother-Daughter Duo

Girl Scouts is often a family affair and support from caregivers along the way is a big part of the experience. Girls know that doing activities together always multiplies the fun and working together makes goals more achievable. For the mother-daughter duo, Girl Scout Senior Alex and volunteer Mara Bates, the Cookie Classic Run is an annual event where they both love to get hands on in support of Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast! Read a bit about Alex's personal experience with the Cookie Classic as a Girl Scout, then read about Mara Bates, Alex's mom, one of the lead volunteers of the Cookie Classic event!  

by: Girl Scout Senior Alex

"The Cookie Classic Run has been an annual Girl Scout event for as long as I can remember. I think I was seven years old when I went to my first Cookie Classic Run with my troop. And although I complained all throughout the mile and I ended up having to be carried, it was a lot of fun. I had never run a full mile on hilly terrain before and that first year it was a true cross-country mile.

Each year I go, I am amazed by the effort that so many people put into our community. There have been more walkers and runners as well as sponsors at the run each year. Seeing my community flourish and grow from this one race is really inspiring.  It has become a tradition that I look forward to each January. I get to see others who are as crazy as I am out there running in the cold but I also get to eat cookies on the course (if I want).

The Cookie Classic Run is really is strong in spirit, too. This run happens every year, no matter the weather and it even survived Covid! Experiencing this beautiful race is one thing, but being in it is another. I have met many amazing people over the years by racing beside them, and it truly is liberating to see people that I know outside of Girl Scouts attend as well. I really love the Cookie Classic Run; I can't wait to participate this year (again) and I hope to see it continue for many years to come."

Alex's experience highlights what the Cookie Classic is about, supporting Girl Scouts through community togetherness (with a LOT of fun along the way.) Since 2015, Mara Bates has been one of the lead volunteers supporting the Cookie Classic Run- even participating in the run herself! This event requires months of preparation from Mara but the result is an inclusive event where runners of all abilities can join us in supporting the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast.

Join us this year at the annual Cookie Classic Run on January 22, 2022 the ONLY race in Hampton Roads where you get Girl Scout cookies ON the course during the race!  Register today. 

Mara and Alex at the 2020 Cookie Classic Run Costume Contest Celebrating the
Launch of Lemon-Ups

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Bronze Award Spotlight: SPCA Brochure

Girl Scout Juniors Riley, Madeline, Ida, Sarah, Riann, and Samantha of Troop 2573 recently earned their Bronze Award in a project they titled, "SPCA Brochure." The Girl Scouts created an informational brochure that patrons of the Dare County SPCA could take home with them to learn how to care for their newly adopted furry friends.

As part of earning their Bronze Award, the girls researched things of most importance when adopting a dog from an animal shelter or other organization. The girls were required to get information from three sources so they consulted with vets, SPCA employees, and other animal care professionals and compiled that information together. Girls presented the information to their whole troop to get feedback, then collaboratively discussed which were the most important facts. Once decided, the Girl Scouts created a flyer the SPCA could hand out to new pet parents when they adopt a dog. As part of their project, girls also took proceeds from Girl Scout Cookie sales to provide cat and dog toys, food, and treats to Dare County SPCA. Girls took items from home and created homemade dog toys to be donated to the SPCA, as well.

Congratulations to Troop 2573 and thank you for making the world a better place!

Pictured with their brochures: Riley G., Ida B., Madeline H., Sarah S.


Saturday, October 2, 2021

Girl Scouts Girl Fest at Chesapeake City Park on October 23!

Join Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast for Girl Fest Games on October 23, 2021 at Chesapeake City Park! Come enjoy outdoor games, crafts, exhibitor tables, food trucks and MORE from 10 am until 1 pm!

Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast is excited to kick off another awesome year of Girl Scouts with YOU! To celebrate, we’ve invited some of our favorite community partners to help us host a day full of fun! Love sports or getting outdoors? You’ll get to try your hand at several different activities like archery, yoga and volleyball- just to name a few! Watch a boxing presentation by a UFC gym and learn about sailing with Sail Nauticus.

There will also be exciting exhibitor tables like The Mariners Museum, MiniMe Events, Grand Slam 2 pitching center and MORE!

Activities & Demonstrations

  • Golf
  • Badminton
  • Archery
  • Javelin Throw
  • Discus Throw
  • Softball/Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Sailing
  • Equestrian
  • Gymnastics
  • Boxing
  • Weightlifting
  • ...and MORE!


  • Mini Me
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Balance Beams
  • Portsmouth Library
  • Grand Slam
  • Child ID Program
  • Old Dominion University Simulation Center
  • Nauticus
  • The Mariners' Museum
  • New York Life
  • UFC Gym
  • Let Me Be Great Children's Yoga

Our staff will be on site to participate in the fun and help your Girl Scout create make-and-take crafts and answer any questions you may have!

This event is open to Girl Scouts K-12 and their families, tag alongs welcome. Register here to participate. Cost is $10 per Girl Scout and $5 per adult. Register by October 10, 2021 to be entered in a drawing for a FREE Kindle!