Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Pollinators Thriving and ViBe-ing

 Girl Scout Ambassador Cailee earned her Gold Award, by completing her project titled, "Pollinators Thriving and ViBe-ing!" Cailee wanted to address the declining population of pollinators that is being seen around the country, including in her urban community, so she made a plan and got to work.

She worked with ViBe District of Virginia Beach coordinators and master gardeners to plan and build a garden area that included bee “motels” and native species of plants grown without pesticides, an important factor to sustainability.

“My goal for this project, long term, was to have people use less pesticides throughout their gardening because this hurts bees and creates spaces where they cannot pollinate,” Cailee said.

Cailee’s urban garden includes original artwork and an educational sign that explains her Gold Award project and the purpose of the bee “motels” and small ways people can help in their own backyards. 

“Bees are not endangered creatures but this does not mean it is time to ignore their declining populations,” Cailee said. “Bees can be saved if we do small things that lead to big changes in the way we view and care for our fuzzy little friends!”

Gold Award Girl Scout Cailee

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Removing Obstacles to Healthy Living

Girl Scout Ambassador Maya has a passion for getting outdoors and staying active and wanted to share her experience with others! Maya recognized that her community could use another place for to get outdoors and have fun. She took action and completed her project titled, “Removing Obstacles to Healthy Living,” earning her Gold Award along the way.

Maya recognized that living a healthy, balanced lifestyle has many life benefits, at all stages of life, and wanted to help make an accessible recreation space.

“Living a healthy lifestyle enables people, as they age, in their education, in their career and in their interactions with family and friends,” Maya said. 

Maya worked with Churchland YMCA in Churchland, VA to design and build an outdoor obstacle course with the help of community volunteers. Maya also created a video demonstration and educational literature about her obstacle course and did community outreach to invite families to get active at the Churchland YMCA.

Her project was a success and the community was invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Maya to unveil the course!

Congratulations, Maya!

Monday, May 17, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Distracted Driving Awareness

Getting your learner’s permit is an exciting time because you just can’t wait to get on the road! But what about some of the hidden dangers we may not think about when first starting out behind the wheel? We all know not to text and drive, but what other hidden dangers are there? 

Girl Scout Ambassador Francesca earned her Gold Award, by completing her project titled, “Distracted Driving Awareness” to address this issue. Francesca was inspired to spread distracted driving awareness education after her community experienced a tragic car accident that resulted in the loss of young life. Francesca worked with the York County Sheriff’s Department to create a Girl Scout patch program that brings awareness to the importance of safety on the road.

She created a curriculum and patch program aimed at teenagers to educate new drivers about types of distractions on the road and the dangers and legal consequences of breaking the law. She also designed a patch and had 300 patches made to be given to Girl Scouts who complete her program!

“Teenagers often do not realize how dangerous being on the roads can be,” Francesca said. “There are many variables that affect new drivers, not only cell phones.”

Francesca’s patch program, aimed at teenagers, educates new drivers about types of distractions on the road and the dangers and legal consequences of breaking the law. 

Francesca presented her program in front of the York County School Division as well as to local Girl Scouts. Francesca also created a website and petition to end distracted driving which received over 1000 signatures from her community and beyond.

Way to go, Francesca!

You can sign Francesca’s petition here- https://bit.ly/2YYO6v5

Gold Award Girl Scout Francesca