Thursday, January 20, 2022

Bronze Award Spotlight: Williamsburg Food Drive

Girl Scout Cadettes of Troop 1284 LaRue, Lillian, Lilah, Kailani, Anna, Maryah, Addison, Victoria, and Armani were recently awarded the Girl Scout Bronze Award by completing a service project they titled, “Williamsburg Food Drive.”

To get started, during troop meetings, the girls began discussing what needs their community had and how they could help those needs be met. The Girl Scouts agreed to host a food drive with plans to donate to a local organization in Williamsburg, House of Mercy, which helps people locally meet their food, shelter, and personal needs. 

To get the word out about their project, they advertised via social media, posters, flyers, word of mouth, texting, and phone calls. The girls also handed out candy during the Williamsburg Holiday Parade with information about their service project and how to donate. The week of the drive, they discussed what kinds of things they might expect to receive in donations, and set up and labeled bins to sort the food on the day of the event. The girls also made posters and signage to be used at the two day drop-off donation event they held in December 2021. 

Troop Leader of Troop 1284, Tonia Horton, said, “During the drop-off event, the girls handed out flyers, spun their hand-made posters, and talked to people about the food drive. They even cheered, did the wave, and sang songs.”

She continued, “We were really amazed to see how the community responded, and we got an excellent turnout, especially on day two. We had a lot of people come back because of the girls' enthusiasm on day one.” 

During the food drive, the girls sorted everything into bins as it came in and in all collected over 600 pounds of food and $60 in monetary donations, which they donated directly to House of Mercy in Williamsburg. 

Tonia said, “It was a wonderful event, and the girls all left feeling really good about making a difference. It was a true joy to see how much effort they put into making this a success, and how happy they were with the results.”

Congratulations, Girl Scouts!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Silver Award Spotlight: Soccer Equipment Collection for the Luke Messick Futbol Charities Inc.

Girl Scout Cadettes Jillian and Madelyn recently earned their Silver Award by completing a project they titled, “Soccer Equipment Collection for the Luke Messick Futbol Charities Inc.”

The Girl Scouts collected soccer jerseys, socks, and soccer balls to benefit Luke Messick Futbol Charities Inc. By collecting these items, they helped to provide dozens of children in Ghana, West Africa with equipment to practice the very popular futbol, or soccer, as we call it in the United States. The girls collected the items with the help of members and staff at Beach FC, located in Virginia Beach, a soccer organization that provides recreation and training to soccer players locally.  

“To collect our equipment we set up a stand at the Beach FC preseason camp and the Beach FC Futsal Facility,” the girls said.  “We also partnered with the Luke Messick Futbol Charities Inc. and this is where we gave our equipment to.”

Upon completion of the drive, the equipment was donated to Luke Messick Futbol Charities Inc who organized air transport of the equipment to the Young Orphans Futbol Club in Ghana, West Africa.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Gold Award Spotlight: Isle of Wight County Litter Prevention Community Education Program

Girl Scout Ambassador Elise of Troop 4170 recently earned her Gold Award by completing a project she titled, “Isle of Wight County Litter Prevention Community Education Program.” Elise worked with DeAnna Lawrence of Isle of Wight County Solid Waste Division and Lynn Briggs of Isle of Wight County Schools to create an educational program and website for the community to educate about outdoor waste prevention. Elise said she learned environmental stewardship through Girl Scouting and wanted to make a difference.

“I found through my research that my county did not have an active litter prevention program, and I wanted to do something,” Elise said. “People do not know the true harmful impacts of littering, so they continue to throw trash on the ground and in the water,”

Her program is aimed at elementary aged students and explains the environmental dangers of littering. In addition to the educational program, Elise also organized a clean-up day with Beta Club volunteers of Smithfield High School at four area elementary schools, Hardy Elementary School, Windsor Elementary School, Carrsville Elementary School and Carrollton Elementary School. Julie Eng of Smithfield High School pledged to continue the annual clean up each spring as a project with her high school student volunteers.