Saturday, January 28, 2017

Chesapeake Resident Honored with Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Award

United States Navy Lieutenant Commander Carolyn Engler of Chesapeake was recognized with the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Award for her outstanding public service as a troop leader with Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast from January 2012 to present.

LCDR Engler’s troop is one of the few in Hickory that accommodates girls of various age levels, catering to a high percentage of military families. She provides the girls in her troop with opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities, including camping trips and Powder Puff Derby, a pinewood derby event for Girl Scouts. She has also led her troop in projects to make improvements to school grounds and city parks. In addition to making a difference in the lives of girls, Engler takes time to train fellow volunteers with the skills they need to be Girl Scout leaders.

LCDR Engler was presented the award by Rear Admiral J.E. Pitts, Commander of the Undersea Warfighting Development Center.

“It is with great pleasure that I commend you for your outstanding volunteer work, which reflects positively on the command and the United States Navy,” Rear Admiral Pitts wrote in a letter to LCDR Engler.

Since joining the Navy 17 years ago, LCDR Engler has moved all over the country and traveled all over the world. One thing that has been a constant through all of these moves is Girl Scouts. With each move, LCDR Engler says that getting involved with local Girl Scouts allowed her to also get involved with her new community outside of military life. LCDR Engler also spent nine years as a Girl Scout as a child.