Thursday, March 2, 2017

Young Adult Soiree

With a makeshift pantry stocked with everything from Thin Mints to shrimp, a group of 30 Girl Scouts took part in a culinary challenge on February 25, where they were charged with cooking up an appetizer using a Girl Scout Cookie as a key ingredient. The event, named Young Adult Soiree, put a youth-twist on Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast’s upcoming Samoa Soiree, an adult-only event with the same concept—chefs use Girl Scout Cookies to create desserts and appetizers.

Working in groups of five, the Girl Scouts spent just a few minutes planning among themselves before firing up their stoves and getting to work on their dishes. Many of the groups picked their Girl Scout Cookie variety first and developed a recipe around the flavors in the cookie.

Among the finished meals was a lemon beef pasta, cooked up with ramen noodles and Savannah Smiles, the lemon-flavored Girl Scout Cookie. Another group ground up Trefoils, a shortbread cookie, and used them to bread chicken, which they paired lemon shrimp, green beans and potatoes.

After plating their appetizers, the girls changed from their cooking clothes and aprons into formal wear and gathered for a soiree, where they had the opportunity to taste the finished pieces from each of the groups. The girls enjoyed hearing about each other’s recipes and tasting the creative dishes.

The Young Adult Soiree was led by Chef Dedra Blount of Now You’re Cooking Culinary Studio at A Place for Girls, the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast regional program center and headquarters in Chesapeake. Chef Blount competed in last year’s Samoa Soiree and took home the award for Best Savory for her Thai chicken salad made with the Do-si-dos Girl Scout Cookie. Chef Blount was excited to give girls the chance to get creative in the kitchen and take part in their version of Samoa Soiree.

“I was really impressed with what the girls came up with for their recipes,” Chef Blount said. “A few girls mentioned that they had never cooked without a recipe before, so this was a new experience that pushed them to think outside the box.”

Samoa Soiree will take place on Saturday, March 25 at the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center in Norfolk. Everyone is invited to taste Girl Scout Cookies like never before at this adult-only event. The evening will include great food and drinks, along with live music and silent auction – and all for a great cause. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit