Friday, April 13, 2018

Chesapeake Girl Scout Sydney has earned her Gold Award

Sydney Mazat has earned the Girl Scout Gold Award, which is the highest honor and achievement a girl can earn in Girl Scouts. Sydney is a junior at Grassfield High School.

After completing over 80 national park junior ranger programs, Sydney decided to use the information she learned over the years to create a Girl Scout Gold Award project, “Junior Ranger Program at Northwest River Park.” She created an interactive booklet which allows kids to learn more about the surrounding area in a fun way, including by doing a scavenger hunt!

Her project encourages kids of all ages to get off of their electronics and enjoy the outdoors. The program she developed teaches kids about the local ecosystem of the park without the distraction of phones and other devices. She is confident that through her project, participants will put down the electronics in order to gain knowledge and an appreciation for Northwest River Park and nature in general.

Program participants also have the opportunity to earn a Junior Ranger pin and a certificate of accomplishment once they complete the course.

Sydney’s project was on display at a Family Fun Day at Northwest River Park recently, which had over 15,000 visitors. She was able to encourage kids to complete the program.

“The most successful aspect of the project was getting kids of all ages outdoors and learning about nature,” Sydney said. “On Family Fun Day alone, hundreds of people started the junior ranger program, and as the day’s Junior Ranger Deputee, I was able to swear in many junior rangers.”

Sydney’s project will be sustained by the Chesapeake Department of Parks and Recreation.