Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Strong Girls Visit EVMS

Girl Scouts learned first-hand what it takes to work in the medical field from professionals and got to apply their knowledge of STEM during some engaging activities on Saturday, May 5 at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Teen Girl Scouts took part in small group simulations. Girls used computers to test their skills at virtual laparoscopy, a surgical procedure that requires both patience and a steady hand. They also got a hands-on tutorial on how to do an ultrasound and learn how to react in emergency situations.

Sasha Edwards, a senior simulation specialist at EVMS and former Girl Scout, taught the girls CPR techniques and how to respond in emergency situations.

“Saturday was amazing! I love seeing the girls engaged and working together on CPR mock code,” Sasha explained. “We didn’t have this kind of technology when I was a Girl Scout back in the early-mid-eighties.”

As Girl Scouts, girls are exposed to activities in the STEM field which allows them to see that they too can have a future in that career field. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 77% of girls say that because of Girl Scouts, they are considering a career in technology. Girls in STEM are interested in many careers, chiefly among them being careers in the medical/health care field.

Girls attribute their increased interest in STEM activities, classes, and careers to the STEM programs they engage in through Girl Scouts, and say that these programs have made more of an impact than other programs in which they have been involved.

“The STEM field is evolving, but is still very male dominated (only about 29% of women are involved in the science and engineering workforce). Exposing young women to careers in the STEM fields hopefully gets them more interested, and will allow them to think outside the box of traditional women’s careers,” Sasha said.

Emilee Bohle and Ashleigh Mann, Girl Scout Cadettes, both agreed that their time at EVMS on Saturday made them want to learn more about careers in the medical field. The girls were intrigued by the resources available to them at EVMS.

Younger Girl Scouts were also able to learn about health and wellness with special events catered to them throughout the morning and early afternoon. The girls participated in stations facilitated by Love Ur Healthy.

The girls worked on their Strong Girls Patch while completing a relay obstacle, playing fitness Tic Tac Toe and learning more about healthy snacks, drinks and activities.

Thank you to EVMS, Love Ur Healthy and the instructors who volunteered their time to teach Girl Scouts more about STEM on Saturday.