Thursday, May 26, 2016

Top 10 Benefits of Girl Scout Camp

1. It's all girls! 

Girls have unique needs and interests, different from boys. They need a special place in their developmental years where they can discover their talents and learn to succeed. Girl Scouts offer such a place at camp. 

2. It's a confidence builder. 

The experience of being among friends—a sisterhood—who are cheering each other on and giving each other encouragement to succeed will make a lasting impression on the confidence level of each camper.

3. It fosters leadership skills. 

When it comes to leadership, girls are more likely to seek cooperation and consensus rather than top-down management. At Girl Scout camp, teamwork and cooperation are at the center of every activity.

4. It's all about fun with friends. 

Camp friends become best friends. At camp, girls are drawn together. Without the social pressures they face at school, they can relax and make friends easily.

5. It's the foundation for a healthy life.

Unlike most indoor environments, the outdoors offers open space where girls are able to be messy, make noise and move in more physically intense ways. This allows them to develop their movement capability and confidence—both of which create foundations for physically active lifestyles and general health.

6. It can help girls thrive in school.

Time in nature promotes attention restoration. In fact, spending time outdoors has been shown to improve concentration and creative reasoning. 

7. It's a chance for girls to gain a sense of independence. 

During their time at camp, girls learn to care for themselves and strengthen their sense of self-reliance. They learn to make decisions for themselves, and they have the chance to manage their own choices in the safe and caring environment of Girl Scout camp.

8. It's an opportunity to unplug. 

At camp, girls unplug from technology and gain a respect for nature as they become more aware of their surroundings. They also rediscover their own creativity and engage with the real world- real people and real activities.

9. It fosters environmental awareness.

Studies have shown that children who have had meaningful experiences in nature are more likely to prefer spending time outdoors, express concern about environmental issues and express interest in studying the environment or pursuing an environmental career.

10. It teaches resiliency. 

Girls feel comfortable at camp. It's a place where girls encourage one another to take risks and try new things. And, when they face setbacks, they learn that improvement comes from giving something another try.

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