Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Girl Scout Troop 329 Tastes New Girl Scout S'mores Cookie with Special Guest

Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout! This motto rings especially true for Veronica Thomas, who has been a member of the organization for more the 50 years. Earlier this month, she visited Girl Scout Troop 329 from Chesapeake during their regular meeting to share her Girl Scout story and take part in a special tasting event—trying the new Girl Scout S’mores cookie.

Speaking in a room of Girl Scouts from kindergarteners to middle school-age girls, Thomas wanted to impress upon them how being a Girl Scout opens doors for girls—and women—of all ages. As a young girl, she did some of the same activities girls are doing today, including attending camp and earning badges. Later in life, as an adult in the 1980s, she had the chance to lead a trip to Girl Scout National Center West in Wyoming. Always eager to make a difference for Girl Scouts, she has also served as a board member for Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, represented the Council at five national conventions and has shared her love and knowledge with hundreds of fellow Girl Scouts over the years as a volunteer trainer.

The members of Girl Scout Troop 329 enjoyed hearing Thomas’s stories and thinking about plans for their own Girl Scout futures. After the chance to chat with Thomas and ask her questions, the girls opened a box of special treats to share with her—the new Girl Scout S’mores cookie. It was also the first chance that the troop members had to try the new tasty treat that they are selling this year as part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Everyone gave the new cookie two thumbs up.

“The love for Girl Scout Cookies will never change,” Thomas said.

Kayleigh, a fifth-grader in the troop, said that the S’mores cookie is her new favorite Girl Scout Cookie, knocking Samoas down to number two on her list. Inaya, a Girl Scout Daisy, enjoyed the cookie so much that she can’t wait to share it with her customers at cookie booths this year.

Girl Scout Cookies will be on sale in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina through March 26. To find cookie booths near you, visit