Monday, February 27, 2017

Girl Scout Week 2017

During Girl Scout Week, Girl Scouts of all ages celebrate in many ways in their communities and at their places of worship. Here are just a few suggestions to get your birthday party thinking started!

Throw a Birthday Party
。Create a themed birthday party with your troop or group and invite friends! Introduce them to the fun of Girl Scouts. This is a perfect time to hold a rededication ceremony.

Girl Scout Sunday or Sabbath
。Take part in a religious service. Download a special Girl Scout Week bulletin insert or cover for the service.
。Say or sing a Girl Scout grace at a meal.

Girl Scout Week
。Wear your Girl Scout uniform.
。Learn what WAGGGS stands for.
。Read or re-read the Juliette Gordon Low story.
。Take part in a Girl Scout flag ceremony.
。Do a community service project.
。Learn about Girl Scout history.
。Make a friendship bracelet for a Girl Scout friend.