Friday, February 3, 2017

S'mores Cookie Sample

Micky Nye, President of Farm Fresh in Hampton Roads, had a chance to taste the new Girl Scout anniversary cookie – the S’mores cookie. As a Girl Scout alumna who spent many years selling cookies as a girl growing up in New Hampshire, she was curious if this cookie could beat the Thin Mint, one of her favorites.

“I love chocolate, so any cookie with chocolate inside or out will be a winner with me,” she said.

After taking a bite, her head nod was a sure sign of approval. And then came the smile and the “hmmm.” Yes, the S’mores cookie got the stamp of approval from one serious food critic who may not write about food, but she sure knows her stuff when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies.

“I loved being a Girl Scout,” she said. “ I joined as a Brownie and stayed in until I was 16 in high school. My mom became my Girl Scout leader in high school, and I remember going to the council headquarters with her. What I remember most about that time was the fun I had camping and earning badges. I was very competitive and wanted to earn all the badges I could!”

Back then, Micky was part of a troop where every girl was encouraged to try out leadership. The troop operated with the same democratic principles that are used today. Learning to get along within a team and stepping up to leadership roles as unit leaders was what girls did then, and it’s what girls do now.

Those skills of teamwork and leadership have stayed with Micky. Today she is at the helm of a 40-store enterprise that employs almost 4,000 workers. She loves her job and says it’s all about people, helping make sure the grocery shopping experience is satisfactory for customers and the work experience is a positive one for employees.

Micky has been recognized for her leadership skills many times over the years. In 2013, she received an Inside Business award for being a successful woman in business. Several Girl Scouts from our Council had the privilege of attending the awards dinner and congratulating her.

“Having someone like Micky as a role model for today’s girls is so important,” Tracy Keller, the CEO of Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast said. “She’ll be the first to tell girls making it to the top is hard work and that it takes perseverance, commitment and a drive to perform at your very best at all times.”

Thanks, Micky, for being a role model for today’s Girl Scouts and for being one of our Girl Scout Cookie samplers this year!