Monday, October 29, 2018

Girl Scout Election Guidelines

As the election season is upon us, we’d like to remind our members of our policies and guidelines.

Girl Scouts of the United States and any Girl Scout council may not, nor may they authorize anyone on their behalf to participate or intervene directly or indirectly in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office; or participate in any legislative activity or function which contravenes the laws governing a tax-exempt organization.

When acting as a Girl Scout representative a Girl Scout council staff, volunteer or young Girl Scout may not engage in the following:
· Endorse a candidate for public office. This includes liking or sharing or tweeting candidate materials or messages on Girl Scout social media.
· Distribute campaign materials, share website links that discuss a specific candidate— including on Girl Scout social media.
· Provide email lists of members to a candidate.
· Host activities or other functions to support a candidate running for office
· Host a flag ceremony to open a political campaign event.
· Wear your official Girl Scout uniform to a campaign event.

You may:
· Write or visit your elected official in support or opposition to legislation when Girl Scout issues arise.
· Keep your elected official informed of Girl Scout work.
· Invite elected officials to council events, as long as the official is clear they cannot take photos or other media to use in campaign materials, use their speaking time as an election platform.
· Bring your Girl Scout/ troop to the polls on Election Day.
· Earn badges about the election/government process.