Wednesday, October 31, 2018

GSCCC Welcomes Newest Members to JGL Society

Lorraine Lees, Bill Rodner, Mike Mendelsohn

On Wednesday, October 31, Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast (GSCCC) welcomed three new members to the Juliette Gordon Low (JGL) Society: Bill Rodner, Lorraine Lees and Mike Mendelsohn. The society is a group comprised of Girl Scout supporters in the community who have decided to provide for Girl Scouts in their estate plan. Every year, GSCCC holds an annual luncheon to celebrate current and new members who have agreed to pave the way for girls to continue having the best Girl Scout Leadership Experience possible.

This year’s luncheon, held on JGL’s birthday at the newly renovated Cavalier hotel in Virginia Beach, featured an overview of the improvements made to the historic venue led by Gregory Rutledge. The afternoon continued with a celebration lunch held in a special room reserved just for the society overlooking a view of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. This is not the first time the Girl Scouts have celebrated at The Cavalier, which made it a great place to be on October 31. The hotel welcomed Girl Scouts from across the country for the 18th annual national Girl Scouts convention in 1932, which also included First Lady Lou Henry Hoover.

“Thank you all for saying ‘yes’ to your personal commitment to Girl Scouts,” GSCCC CEO Tracy Keller said.

Juliette's vision and commitment to create an organization that serves girls was perpetuated when she converted the carriage house of her home into the first Girl Scout national headquarters and gifted the property to Girl Scouts in her will. Juliette's bequest was the beginning of planned giving to Girl Scouts. In her memory, the Juliette Gordon Low Society was established to thank and honor friends of Girl Scouts who choose to make Girl Scouts part of their legacies and a beneficiary of their estate plans.

Learn more about planned giving and becoming a JGL Society member by clicking here.