Monday, April 1, 2019

Celebrate National Girl Scout Leader Day

Did you know that on April 22 we’re celebrating Girl Scout leaders? That’s right, it’s National Girl Scout Leader Day!

We know you appreciate them and probably celebrate them every day, right? You already know that volunteers are the heart of Girl Scouts. Without their time, talents and resources, Girl Scouts would not be available. They share their insight and sense of adventure with our girls. They spend a great deal of time attending training, preparing for and leading meetings. Girl Scouts is a team effort among leaders, girls and parents working in partnership.

Do you want to know a few ways you can give them a hand? Try some of these suggestions:
        - Become a co-leader
        - Bring snacks
        - Arrange trips and events
        - Provide transportation
        - Record keeping
        - Become the nut-candy product sales manager for the troop
        - Become the cookie chair or cupboard for the troop
        - Be the troop's outdoor specialist or certified adult (so the troop can go camping)
        - Be a part of the troop's committee or support team or first aider
Your daughter's troop leader is a volunteer paid in smiles and hugs. There are many ways you and your Girl Scout can show your appreciation. Leader appreciation is celebrated throughout the month of April, the day of recognition is April 22nd. These thoughtful gestures would be appreciated at any time!
        -  Just say "thank you"
        -  Send a card or letter
        -  Give a drawing or gift
        -  Take a photograph of the troop and frame it
        -  Make a homemade treat
        -  Offer to babysit
        -  Prepare a meal
        -  Make a donation to GSCCC in her name or buy a brick of honor in her name
        -  Provide a surprise party in her honor during a troop meeting