Monday, April 15, 2019

Ways to say 'thank you' on Girl Scout Leader Day

Guest blog written by GSCCC's Learning Manager, Cheryl McGrenra.

Being friendly and considerate is part of who we are as Girl Scouts. Saying ‘thank you’ is one of the most important things we can do to make others feel appreciated. Girl Scout Leader Day is a day of appreciation for adult volunteers in Girl Scouts held on April 22 every year. Taking time to recognize our volunteers is a sure way to show them how much you appreciate having them as a volunteer. Although we hope that you are showing constant appreciation throughout the year to ensure that they know they are appreciated, we especially would like you to appreciate your troop volunteers on Monday, April 22, 2019.

As Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast’s Learning Manager, I was a volunteer troop leader from 1994 to 2007. The parents in Troop 402 always remembered us (my co-leader and me) on Girl Scout Leader Day and had unique ways to thank us for what we did. Whether it was a gift card to a restaurant, a unique item purchased from the Girl Scout Shop, a hanging floral basket, or a picture of the girls and handmade cards, the parents always spoiled us and expressed their appreciation by celebrating us.

Taking the time out to say “thank you” tends to increase the longevity of the volunteer’s term they serve in our Council. It is important, whenever possible, to acknowledge any service given, whether it is done merely with a smile and verbal “thank you” or in a more tangible way. It is very important to recognize those individuals who are making a difference in the lives of our girls. Recognitions can be small or large; the important thing is to actually recognize. Click here to take a look at “55 Ways to Say ‘Thanks’ on April 22."

After April 22, remember to show your appreciation as appreciation is an ongoing, everyday process for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Showing appreciation for one another is a good way to show respect, to relate to each other's strengths, and to build mutual commitment. Our volunteers give their time, skills, knowledge, friendliness, and love for many reasons. One reason is that it makes them feel good. People don't volunteer because they expect a reward—they see a job to be done…and they do it. Throughout the year, present recognitions soon after the service is rendered.

Showing appreciation is an everyday commitment. Recognition is always appreciated, so any time can be the right time. The recognition can be as simple as a pin, a gift, a certificate, a note or verbal thank you. A formal presentation is not always necessary, but can enhance the significance of the appreciation.

As the end of a membership year approaches, remember to not only say ‘thank you’ to our volunteers, but to each other too!