Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Guest Blogger: Girl Scout Cadette Sianna

This blog post was written by Girl Scout Cadette Sianna from Norfolk.

My name is Sianna  and I am a first year Girl Scout Cadette. I went to Fort Monroe in August because I was doing a photo shoot, representing Girl Scouts and helping launch the Junior Ranger Program for kids.

Fort Monroe is in Hampton, Virginia, and it’s completely FREE! Now if you go to the museum, you don't have to go through security and the museum is lots of fun. It’s an amazing place to visit, and I learned lots of facts while I was there. For example, the Junior Ranger mascot is a cartoon version of a real dog that helped out at the base. I also got to walk into the real cell that Jefferson Davis was imprisoned in for about four months.

Sianna was sworn in as a Junior Ranger at Fort Monroe by
Kirsten Talken-Spaulding, who is superintendent of
Fort Monroe National Monument and a Girl Scout alumna.
The Junior Ranger Program is meant for kids ages 5-12 but you don't have to be a kid, lots of adults do it too (they are called “Not So Junior Rangers”). All you have to do to complete it is pick up the book from the Visitor Center, finish the book, (you have to do most of the book if you're over 8, and less if you're younger) then one of the rangers will swear you in as a Junior Ranger, and you get a pin.

I went out West this Spring and did the Junior Ranger program and collected badges and patches from seven national parks. You can collect park stamps by going to the visitor center and you will get a stamp for that park. My favorite park was the Grand Canyon, because I went there when I was 3, and it brought back memories from when I was little. While I was there I got sworn in as a Junior Ranger for the Grand Canyon.

I hope you all go to Fort Monroe and enjoy all they have to offer.