Friday, October 10, 2014

How to Run a Successful Fall Products Business

When it comes to the Girl Scout Fall Product Program, Girl Scout Ambassador Isabella from Virginia Beach knows how to be successful. While the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast Fall Product Program began just a few weekends ago, Isabella has already earned over $80 for her troop. One of the secrets to her success? She encourages her customers to think ahead about what treats and gifts they may need for the upcoming holiday season and helps them find just what they need through GSCCC’s fall products offering.

Isabella with Board Chair
Melissa Burroughs at 2014
Annual Council Meeting.
Another reason that she’s so successful is because of her multi-faceted business plan. She sells nuts, candies and magazines by going door-to-door to friends in her neighborhood and also uses the online portal for fall products to send emails to friends and family. She sees the benefits to both of these sales tactics.

“Going door-to-door is great because I can talk to customers and help them figure out what they will like best, while online sales makes it really easy to show everyone what’s available this year,” Isabella said.

For Isabella and the rest of the members of Troop 509, the Girl Scout Fall Product Program is important because it helps them fund community service projects that they participate in before their proceeds from the cookie program are available. In fact, a majority of their proceeds from fall products goes directly to community service projects, and they reserve just a small portion for other activities.

From a young age, Isabella
has been involved in community
service through Girl Scouts.
“My troop helps at a winter homeless shelter run through my church,” Isabella said. “It’s a weekly event, and we make dinner, as well as a lunch for people to take with them for the next day.”

Girl Scout Troop 509 also helps prepare and serve food at the Union Mission and making stockings for a Salvation Army holiday project.

At Girl Scouts, we know that when given the opportunity, girls change the world. Through the Girl Scout Fall Product Program, Girl Scout Troop 509 is just one group of girls who are making the world a better place. To learn more about the fall product program and how to get involved here.