Monday, November 2, 2015

Windsor Girl Scouts Earn Silver Award for Mural Project

By Courtney Herrick, GSCCC communications intern

Girl Scout Cadettes Claire, Katie, Kerri Elizabeth and Madison of Girl Scout Troop 1105 in Isle of Wight County have earned their Girl Scout Silver Award, the second highest achievement in Girl Scouting.

Girl Scout Troop 1105 and volunteers working on
the mural.
For many years, the town of Windsor had been trying to find a way to distinguish itself from the other small towns on U.S. Route 460 between Suffolk and Petersburg. For their project, Girl Scout Troop 1105 collaborated with local artist, Sam Welty, to create eye-popping murals on the side of a building across from the town hall. Welty has murals all over the country, and agreed to help the girls complete this project as a volunteer.

With the help of Welty’s sketches, the girls painted a total of six murals that depicted important buildings in their town, including the town’s first church, Windsor’s fire department, which is now Town Hall and the town’s first car dealership. The murals were painted to entice people to visit their town, bring in potential customers for local businesses and enhance the town’s overall beauty.

A view of the murals before completion
The girls gained a lot of support from their community as they worked hard to complete the murals. Prepping the wall proved to be no easy task. The wall had to be power washed and primed before sketching and painting could begin. Though completing the project took some hard work and elbow grease, the girls accomplished what seemed, at first, like an impossible project. Local businesses and people in the community pitched in to help the girls by donating time, paint, art supplies and even meals to the girls.

The troop members were recognized at the Windsor Town Council meeting in September. Sam Welty, and by extension, Girl Scout Troop 1105, were also nominated to receive an award from the Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roads.