Wednesday, July 6, 2016

London to Lucerne: Pre-Departure Part 2

This blog was written by Lily, a Girl Scout Cadette from Virginia Beach who will be traveling with her mother Aimee on GSCCC's London to Lucerne trip this summer. Lily and Aimee are excitedly packing and preparing for their European adventure that starts on July 11.

Lily and her mother Aimee
It felt like a really long time ago that my mom told me that I was going to get to go to Paris with her.

Flashback: I was looking through my mom’s scrapbook she had made of her trip to France. I looked up at her and said, “I really want you to take me to France one day, Momma.” She started laughing at me, which confused me. She said that she didn’t want to tell me this so early, but that we were going. I thought that she meant that one day we would, but she said, “No, like, I just bought the tickets!” Later, I found out it wasn’t just Paris, but also London and Switzerland! Since then I have learned a lot about all the places I am going to get to visit, including an extension to Florence and Rome.

As I have been telling my friends, I’ve gotten a list of what to bring back. It’s GIANT!

My mom and I travelled to New York in January of 2015 with the Girl Scouts, and we had a great time, but my mom made me talk to other people and spend time with them on the trip (oh no!). I made a lot of good friends on that trip because she did that. Now I feel more comfortable talking and making friends with people who had been strangers just hours before. I’m glad my mom is going with me on my first international trip because I know she loves Europe just as much as I do.

I’m super anxious to see King’s Cross station in London, England. It holds a lot of Harry Potter experiences in my Potterhead heart. At the end of sixth grade, I decided to change my electives for seventh grade. Instead of pursuing orchestra another year, I chose to take French I. Now, if I get lost I can tell right from left, and that I actually like escargot!

My mom has been shopping online to buy alternatives to anything liquid! She has also been buying organizing accessories. There’s going to be so much extra space in my luggage for all of my souvenirs!

I’ve been in Girl Scouts since I was four and I have so many amazing memories. I think that if I didn’t travel with Girl Scouts, it wouldn’t be as much as fun as it will be. The New York trip with my troop leader, Ms. Eileen, has definitely influenced my love of travel. So in all, I’m dying for the trip to be here already. It’s a month, hop, and skip away. I’m stoked to travel internationally with Girl Scouts. I hope every girl gets this opportunity.