Friday, November 11, 2016

What Our Country Needs Right Now Is You

As we move forward together as a country during this post-election period, it is more important than ever that we continue to observe and model Girl Scout values like respect for others, inclusiveness, and civic participation. During this time, parents and volunteers need to be aware that some girls might be experiencing feelings of anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty.

For volunteers and parents who may need support in how to talk with girls, here are some resources starting with the article “What Our Country Needs Right Now Is You." Girl Scouts’ developmental psychologist, Andrea Bastiani Archibald, gives advice.

In addition, consider revisiting the following Raising Awesome Girls pieces, which can serve as conversation starters:

Girl Scout parents and troop leaders may also want to reference the Girl Scout Promise and Law and our Girl Scout program to help girls recognize that we all have a role to play in the democratic process, even before we’re old enough to vote. Initiating general, age-appropriate discussions about the Girl Scout Promise and Law and their application (being considerate and caring, respecting yourself and others, helping people at all times) is timely and beneficial.

If girls have not already earned their Citizen badges (see below), that is an option.

Citizen Badges
Brownies: Celebrating Community
Juniors: Inside Government
Cadettes: Finding Common Ground
Seniors: Behind the Ballot
Ambassadors: Public Policy

Daisies can participate in discussions about the Promise and Law—including the importance of respecting others through our words and actions and by accepting differences.

Other resources - Girl Scout Journeys:
  • Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy (Ambassadors; public policy)
  • Mission: Sisterhood (Seniors; girls/women and public policy)
  • GIRLtopia (Seniors; girls/women and public policy)
  • aMAZE! The Twists and Turns of Getting Along (Cadettes; relational aggression and peaceful conflict resolution)