Thursday, March 22, 2018

Girl Scout Media Girl Julissa goes to the Virginia Zoo

Girl Scout Junior Julissa, one of our Council’s Media Girls, took time to tour the Virginia Zoo and interview the Zoo’s PR Manager, Ashley Mars. Julissa said this was one of her best reporting assignments, even though she has only had three to date. She loves being a Media Girl and meeting other Girl Scouts and friends who she interviews to tell their stories. She also likes attending the Media Girl events to learn more about careers in communication and building skills such as photography.  

While Ashley was never a Girl Scout, she told Julissa that she would have loved to have been one. Ashley loves seeing Girl Scouts come to the Zoo for overnights or day visits.

“When I asked Ashley what her job was, she told me she used to write and create designs for newspapers and worked at The Virginian-Pilot for a while,” Julissa said. “Now, working at the Virginia Zoo, Ashley is in charge of taking pictures of the animals and posting them on the Zoo’s social media sites. She also writes and designs many of the signs that Girl Scouts will see when they attend Zoo Fest.”

When asked by Julissa what Girl Scouts can expect at the upcoming April 15th Zoo Fest, Ashley replied, “Zoo Fest will be full of surprises with special activities just for Girl Scouts on that day. We’ll have pop-up shows with animals that docents will be offering and fun educational activities. Girls can also expect to do some arts and crafts with animal themes and time to explore the Zoo’s gardens and animal exhibits. And girls and their families can have fun in our gift shop that has stuffed animals, jewelry and educational toys.”

Julissa is really excited about going to Zoo Fest with her family and working on some Girl Scout badges while there, including the 2018 Zoo Fest Patch! The deadline to register for Zoo Fest is April 5, 2018. Click here to register for Zoo Fest. 

For more information on special programs such as overnights at the Virginia Zoo, click here.

Can you identify this furry friend you’ll meet at the Virginia Zoo?