Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Grow Your Troop

Grow Your Troop
Patch Program
December 1, 2018-February 28, 2019

Increase Your Troop Size And Earn Make New Friends Patches!
Did you know that GSUSA research shows that the most successful troops have at least 12 girls? Just imagine what could happen if your troop added at least one new girl? Not only would more girls be able to participate in Girl Scouts, it allows existing members to flex their leadership and social skills which builds confidence as they mentor their new Girl Scout friends.

1. How can my troop participate?
Step 1. Be open to adding new girls to your troop.  Email customercare@gsccc.org and let us know what openings you have available.  The placement team will help steer new girls to your troop.  When someone joins your troop, you will receive an email with the family’s contact information to reach out to them directly. Make sure you contact new families right away!
Step 2. By February 28, 2019, add new girls to your troop.

Troop Size
# Girls ( approx. 20% increase)
> 12
Increase to reach 12
Add 2 girls
Add 3 girls
Add 4 girls

2. How can we find new girls to add to the troop?
  • Talk to your service unit coordinator or your service unit placement coordinator to see if there are girls in the area on a wait list.
  • Have the girls in your troop pass out fliers to their friends. 
  • Have the girls in your troop bring a friend to a meeting. 
  • Wear Girl Scout swag often, especially on meeting days!
  • Add your troop to the Troop Opportunity Catalog.
  • Bring a friend to a Girl Scout program event.
So there you have it! Six awesome ways to grow your troop. Concerned about the work it will involve? Be sure to encourage parents to register and lend a hand with your troop throughout the year!  If you need help with creating a flier or an invite contact customercare@gsccc.org.

3. How will we receive our patches?
We’ll deliver your patches to your service unit leader meeting.

Have questions?  Email customercare@gsccc.org
Thank you for making Girl Scouts possible for more girls!