Friday, February 22, 2019

Gold Award Spotlight: Bridge the Gap

Girl Scout Kayla has earned her Gold Award, the highest award a girl can earn in Girl Scouts.
For her project, “Bridge the Gap,” Kayla addressed the generation gap between the youth and the elderly. She did so by connecting the two age groups together through reading. Kayla and her volunteers created audiobooks and hosted read-aloud sessions for the residents at Maryview Nursing Center.
During her project, Kayla spent time creating training guides, scheduling and reading in the nursing home. At the conclusion of her program, Kayla reported that the newly established relationships between the youth and elderly were mutually beneficial. Both groups enjoyed the time spent together, it even improved the quality of life for those in the nursing home. 
Kayla believes that the most successful part of her project was the connections that were made. 
“I feel like we really connected with some of the seniors and they were glad to see my volunteers and I each time we came," she said. 
Even though her project is complete, Kayla plans to continue the work she has done by passing down the program to her PEARL sponsor, Ms. Lee.