Sunday, May 12, 2019

Celebrating Special Bonds of Moms and Daughters in Girl Scouts

It’s a precious gift – shared experiences between mothers and daughters that create lasting memories. Girl Scouts is the perfect place for this to happen! Many Girl Scout alum report spending special time with their moms as one of the benefits of their Girl Scout experience.

What better time than Mother’s Day to celebrate the bond between a girl and her mom as they go through the Girl Scout experience together! Maybe it’s a weekend at camp, a troop painting party or a field trip to a museum. There’s so many ways that moms and girls share time as Girl Scouts, doing what they both value and care about.

Girl Scout Claire and her mom, Carolyn Pittman, love to do things together in Girl Scouts. Carolyn has been a Girl Scout volunteer for years and currently serves as GSCCC's Board Vice-Chair. As a busy professional and involved volunteer, her time is scheduled out in detail, but she always makes time to be with Claire and that includes Girl Scout time.

Meet Carolyn and Claire!  

Carolyn, what has been your personal Girl Scout journey?  

My journey with Girl Scouts began with my daughter, Claire, when she became a Daisy at age 5, and I became a volunteer and troop leader.  Since that time, we moved from Texas to Virginia, and Claire has continuously been an active Girl Scout.  In 2014, I accepted a position on the Council’s Board of Directors and have served at large, as Audit Committee member and chair, Finance Committee member and chair, Treasurer, and currently as Vice-Chair.  Claire has now bridged to Girl Scout Seniors and is in a troop in Yorktown.

She’s been very active as a Girl Scout. Claire has earned the Bronze Award and the Silver Award along with summit pins for each level she has completed in Girl Scouts, Daisy through Cadettes.  She has also been a Cookie CEO since 2014.  Claire's favorite service project was planting a tree at Mount Vernon Elementary School.

How have you been able to incorporate Girl Scouts into your busy schedules?

Girl Scouts is an organization for girls, dedicated to help them train as innovators and leaders of tomorrow.  We could not do what we do without the lessons and support we get from Girl Scouts.  It is part of our routine. 

What special element of Girl Scouts has helped strengthen your relationship? 

Cookie sales has strengthened our relationship because my profession is business and finance.  Through the cookie sales program, Claire has developed an interest in business.  She is a Cookie CEO and now aspires to be a corporate CEO one day.

Why do you feel Girl Scouts is important for girls? 

Finding one's voice is so important, and Girl Scouts gives the empowerment to girls to find their voice in various ways.  From community service to cookie sales, from friendship to taking action, from creating and discovering to teaching and leading, Girl Scouts allows girls to find their passion and strength while supporting others on the same journey.

Why does Claire feel it is important and what is she looking forward to this summer and next year as a Girl Scout?

Claire feels Girl Scouts is important because you learn about your community and make it a better place by doing service projects.  She looks forward to planning her Gold Award project and continuing to work with her Girl Scout friends in enjoyable and productive ways, including the 2020 cookie sale.