Thursday, December 10, 2020

2021 Cookie Season Kickoff!

 Like many Girl Scout activities in 2020, the Cookie Kickoff event looked a little different this year, but different doesn't mean less fun! While the event was scheduled to take place on site at the Virginia Zoological Park in Norfolk, the set-back from the rise of COVID cases in the area and a new recommendation by the Governor resulted in a change of plans. GSCCC pivoted to make this in-person event a virtual one. Once that decision was made, gears moved quickly to ensure it would be an exceptional experience for girls. 

Zoo staff worked with the GSCCC Program Team to create an awesome experience where girls had opportunities to meet some of the zoo "family" members and take an educational tour. Just as past kickoff programs have done, girls were split into sessions based on their Girl Scout grade level. 

During the older girl session, zoo staff educators Mary Beth and Christine introduced the girls to a giant millipede from Africa that can grow up to 10 inches in length, a Soloman Island skink whose skin is camouflaged so he blends in with tree leaves, and a tenrec, a mammal with quills that looks like a hedgehog but is related to an elephant! The girls were able to ask a lot of questions as the zoo staff showcased each animal virtually and gave their backgrounds. After the live animal show, Zoo staff member Sarah took the girls on a virtual tour to meet the giraffes that included the youngest member, Teddy, born last May. What a treat to get a close up view of the giraffes while listening to a zoo educator talk about each one and the importance of being a conservationist. 

Bruce, the tenrec from Madagascar. 

Mary Beth showing the Solomon Islands skink. 

Teddy, the newest giraffe born on May 7! 

Following the zoo virtual interactions, girls received a preview of the Cookie Program rewards by Cookie Captains. During the older girl session, Cookie Captain Eryn showed each item girls would be earning based on the number of Girl Scout Cookie boxes sold, including Gift of Caring cookies. Girls also discussed the five skills learned during the Cookie Program and watched the 2020 video, Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur, created by Little Brownie Bakers. The video and many of the session resources will be available on the Google Classroom set up by the GSCCC Program Team. 

It's not too late to participate and get ready for the 2021 Cookie Program! Visit our Cookie page on our website for details.