Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: “One Unity, One Love”

Girl Scout Ambassador Catriona earned her Gold Award, by completing a project she titled, “One Unity, One Love.” Catriona had a goal to address tensions and promote community and conversation between people of the three Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism by creating opportunities for interaction and diffusion of culture. To do this, Catriona planned an educational “Unity Walk” followed by an Iftar dinner. 

Guests at the Unity Walk were provided a guided worksheet with directional cues and links to videos for participants to follow along with on 15 stops around Fort Monroe in Hampton, VA. Each stop’s message corresponded with a discussion topic and video of one of the three faiths represented, and aimed to promote a conversation between participants of different faiths.

For example, cue 13, “Hospitality,” of the Unity Walk asks participants to stop in front of the historic Chamberlin Hotel on Fort Monroe and discuss how hospitality is a part of their faith.

“Bringing together members of different religions and giving them an opportunity to learn about each other through a diversity walk showcased certain points of similarity shared by all of the Abrahamic religions,” Catriona said.

Catriona’s event also included an Iftar dinner where guests were invited to have fellowship and share experiences over a traditional meal of many dishes.

“The events went very well,” Catriona said. “It provided a respectful atmosphere of learning and sharing, not only of knowledge and food, but also of culture.”

Catriona’s 36 videos and Unity Walk worksheet are available online for religious centers to continue to use. 

Congratulations, Catriona!