Monday, June 27, 2016

Williamsburg Girl Scout Earns Silver Award

Paige, a Williamsburg Girl Scout has earned the Girl Scout Silver Award, the second highest honor a girl can earn in Girl Scouting. For her project, Paige used her woodworking skills to make improvements at Williamsburg Montessori School, a nonprofit private school.

The first part of Paige’s project was building shelves in a shed used by school faculty for storage. The shed was disorganized, and some items had been damaged because of how they were piled into the shed. Paige built new shelves, inventoried the contents of the shed and organized everything into boxes that she clearly labeled.

After completing the shed project, the principal of the school mentioned to Paige and her father about a garden that the school was trying to cultivate to create an outdoor learning space for preschoolers and kindergartners. However, the school needed a fenced area to start the garden. With the help of her father, Paige spent her spring break cutting wood and putting together a fence for the garden. That same week, Paige also completed the third part of her project, building a balance beam at the school’s playground.

“The newly-organized shed will give the teachers and administrators a safe place to put their materials, which are a core part of the Montessori teaching method,” Paige said. “The garden will allow kids to learn about the earth and the balance beam is a new piece of playground equipment sturdy enough to bring joy to kids for decades.”

For Paige, the most successful part of her project is the longevity of the impact. The items that she built, along with the help of her father, will last the school a long time. She is proud to have made a difference in her school before graduating.