Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Camp Skimino has a new indoor rock climbing wall

Did you hear? There’s a new indoor climbing wall at Camp Skimino! On Saturday, December 2, Girl Scouts scaled the new 16-foot-high climbing wall in Williamsburg.

Girl Scout Laine neared the bell—and range it—
at the top of the climbing wall at Camp 
Skimino on Saturday.
Because of a generous donation of more than $12,000 from the Lynnhaven Shores Service Unit, Linda Linke, Susan Ramsland and Carol Watkins, the climbing wall was able to be constructed.

If you haven’t tried your hand at rock climbing before, now is the time!

Not only does rock climbing help you build up your confidence and overcome fears, it also gives your body and mind a great workout.

While it’s a great physical challenge to climb, you’re also putting your problem-solving skills to the test by evaluating your next move up the wall.

To show the Council’s appreciation, Girl Scouts from the service unit were the first to ascend the wall.

“I was climbing up and I looked down and I was really nervous,” Girl Scout Addison Bremer said. “But then I felt like, ‘I got this, I got this.’ So I let go and I fell down and it was awesome.”

As our Girl Scouts proved on Saturday, it can also be a very social activity. Climbers often take turns holding the ropes and helping each other navigate the best climbing path. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen communication and relationships with your friends and troop!

As girls began to climb, those waiting their turn cheered others on to reach the top and ring the bell. For one girl, her experience took her from, "I am just going to watch" to "I will give it a try." When she reached the top, she rang the bell to signal that she had successfully completed her climb.

"The pure joy on her face was worth all the effort put into raising the funds to build the wall," said Susan Ramsland.

"It's a big deal to be able to offer this type of activity in anaa-girl environment," added Carol Watkins.

Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast CEO Tracy Keller with Girl Scouts Laine,
Maddie, Alexis and Climbing Wall facilitator Elizabeth Ramsland had
the honor of cutting the ribbon at the climbing wall dedication.

Girl Scout volunteers Elizabeth Ramsland and Janice Ingham ensured that all climbers were safe while testing out the wall by checking that all lines were straight and harnesses were correctly worn. Both are trained climbers. 

They also helped cheer on each Girl Scout as they took on the challenge.

“You want to make sure that safety is your number one priority,” Elizabeth said. “You want to be able to save people but also encourage them because going up high is kind of scary.”