Thursday, December 14, 2017

Gold Award Spotlight: Band Ambassadors Encourage Students to Continue Music Education

Brianna has earned the Girl Scout Gold Award—the highest honor and achievement a girl can earn in Girl Scouting.

Brianna graduated from Smithfield High School in 2017 and currently attend The College of William and Mary. She has been a Girl Scout for eight years.

To earn the Gold Award, Brianna created the Band Ambassadors program between Smithfield Middle and High Schools. The program enabled high school band students to encourage middle school band students to continue their music educations.

Because of the program, students were able to transition to high school much easier because they had already developed friendships with older students in the band program.

“I chose this project because I love playing music, and I wanted to share that live with other people,” Brianna said. “I also noticed that there were a large number of students dropping out of band programs throughout their school career, and I wanted to fix that problem within my community.”

Because of her love of music, Brianna also gave a presentation to students and parents about how important music education is and what some of the benefits of the band program are.

After Brianna graduated, many of the students who participated in the program as middle school students became mentors to younger students, ensuring that another generation of band students will benefit from Brianna’s hard work.