Sunday, November 10, 2019

Gold Award Spotlight: Women's Empowerment Club

Congratulations to Gold Award Girl Scout Olivia from Moyock, North Carolina! She has earned the highest honor and achievement a girl can earn in Girl Scouts – the Gold Award. Olivia is a rising junior at JP Knapp Early College and the daughter of Katherine and John McDonald.

After noticing a need for an all-girl safe space in her community, much like the one Girl Scouts has provided her with, Olivia decided to create a “Women’s Empowerment Club” for her Gold Award project. The club members, made up of girls at her school, became pen pals with girls at a local elementary school which allowed them to send empowering communication messages on topics such as bullying prevention. By being pen pals with the younger girls, Olivia and her friends became positive role models.

Along with implementing the pen pal activity, Olivia also organized a women’s empowerment event that included meditation, self-defense and other improvement activities.

“The most successful aspect of my project was creating a safe place for students,” she explained. “I noticed that during our meetings, students felt much more comfortable talking about their struggles with certain issues.”

Olivia’s project will be sustained through the school with organized positions available for club members.