Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Girl Scout Volunteer Loves Running with her Daughter- Here's Why

If you talk to a seasoned runner, they'll tell you there's nothing like running to transform you. Running can teach important lessons and help you develop a healthy lifestyle. Yes, it can be difficult in the beginning but based on my friends that run, it's worth it. Once you beat that negative voice inside that says you can't, you'll learn you can beat any negative voice that comes your way. You'll conquer self-doubt and you'll be able to bring yourself to new heights. 

Mara Bates, a Girl Scout volunteer who was part of the founding group of Cookie Classic Run here at Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, loves to run and can't think of a better way to support our Council. She was thrilled when Couch to Cookie Classic challenge was introduced this spring. 

"In these new days of homeschooling, the computer and all the other fun mobile devices are being overused," Mara said. " When my daughter began remote schooling, Netflix was just a mouse click away and wins over most kids when it comes to what to do during spare time. When the Couch to Cookie Classic trainer started, I signed us up. Not only to get me off the couch, but also to give my daughter a healthy dose of vitamin D. The training progression has worked well for us. Not only is my daughter getting off the couch and away from electronics, but she's taking our youngest dog with her, too! t's always nice to share the road with a friend (and this one can stay within one to two feet of her too).

Mara (far left) at the 2020 Cookie Classic!
Mara (far left) at the 2020 Cookie Classic during the costume contest!


Start small. Take the fitness challenge to get yourself ( and your daughter) prepared to add running to your daily schedule. Don't hurry. You'll soon be ready for the big Cookie Classic Race! Increase gradually It takes awhile for your muscles and tendons and ligaments and joints to adjust to the stress of running, and if you progress to rapidly, you’ll get injured. Increase but very gradually. Lastly, enjoy yourself and have fun. Exercising and running should be fun, not torture.

More about our 2021 Cookie Classic here- https://www.gsccc.org/en/events/cookie-classic.html