Monday, September 21, 2020

Bronze Award Spotlight: Garden of Peace

The girls of Troop 1041 decided that the gardens at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, where they usually meet, needed some attention. Due to years of weathering, wear and tear, the benches in the garden of the church were no longer being enjoyed by visitors and the gardens were covered with grass & weeds. 

The girls took action and spent over 20 hours of hands on time working in the gardens. They completely restored 3 teakwood benches by scrubbing them down several times each to remove dirt or debris then sanded down the rough areas and refinished the benches. They also weeded multiple gardens, did trash pick up across the whole property, and collected any other sticks and debris that had fallen into the gardens. 

They used knowledge from their Outdoor Journey as well as their Animal Habitat badge and Outdoor Art badge to guide their project.  In addition to creating a peaceful space for church members and the community to enjoy the gardens and relax, they also included animal habitats for any visiting critters. The girls researched both bird & butterfly houses, built one of each and installed them in the garden. For finishing touches, they also created hand painted rocks and 2 stepping stones to add pops of color to the gardens and to immortalize the name of their project.