Thursday, September 17, 2020

Fall Product Program #ThrowbackThursday

 Yumm - Fall Product Program is starting September 19 and it's time to buy Girl Scout nuts and candies. Did you know that not that long ago, you could order Girl Scout calendars along with those nuts and candies? 

The official Girl Scout calendar sales began in 1944 when sugar rationing and other restriction of World War II made cookie sales difficult. Over the decades, the calendar covers helped us celebrate special occasions in Girl Scouts like our anniversaries and the start of new programs and awards such as the Gold Award. For those alum who were around in the 80s, you'll recall selling full and pocket size calendars for $2 each! 

Calendar sales slowed with the increase of technology and eventually stopped being part of the Fall Product Program offerings in 2008. There have been a few national Girl Scout calendars created and sold through retail such as the calendar produced for our 100th anniversary.  Do you remember selling Girl Scout calendars?  

Be sure to check out our Fall Product Program website page with full details of this year's exciting program.