Thursday, November 12, 2020

Meet Marsha Riibner-Cady, lifetime Girl Scout and owner of Cady CPR Solutions

 Marsha Riibner-Cady is a lifetime Girl Scout who has always been prepared. She says the Girl Scout motto is what has kept her so involved in Girl Scouts over the years.  

 She began her Girl Scout journey as a girl growing up in Nixa, Missouri. During her 7 years as a Girl Scout, she had the opportunity to meet troop leader, Ilga Vise, or Ivy as the girls called her. Marsha remains in touch with her and says it is always fun to connect with her each year and walk down memory lane, recalling the many camping trips they took and the trip the troop took to St. Louis.  


"Everyone who knows me, knows I bleed green," Marsha said. " My mom, Rona, was actually introduced to my dad because of Girl Scouts. His cousin, Marlene, was in my mom's troop. They were close friends in and out of Girl Scouts, as many girls today are. Well, the rest is history."  


Marsha is proud that Girl Scouting has been a family tradition. Her grandmother was a Girl Scout troop leader and her mom, who became head of a single-parent household, volunteered when she could.  


For Marsha, there were quite a few years between her Girl Scout years and her adult involvement. After volunteering with Boy Scouts during her boys' youth years, she turned to friends she had met along the way who were Girl Scouts. A position opened with Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, and Marsha's friends encouraged her to apply. She did and was appointed as a membership executive, helping increase and serve membership in sections of North Carolina.  


Marsha became known as "the Girl Scout lady" who could help girls get into troops and who could connect a cookie lover with a box of Thin Mints. She also was a local trainer who could train on many subjects but was well-trained in first aid and sought after by Girl Scouts and others in the community.  


It was also one of the skills she took with her when she said goodbye to being a paid staff and took a position running the after-school programs for Dare County. While no longer a staff member with GSCCC, she became an active volunteer and served on the board of directors and helped start community troops for girls living in less resourced areas. She also assists with GSCCC archive projects. In addition to Girl Scouts, Marsha volunteers with other organizations that includes board membership, both locally and nationally, with the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs. 


This year, she has made another career move and has started her own business, Cady CPR Solutions. She is offering a service in the region that meets a real need, especially during these challenging times. Marsha offers certified training programs, including virtual trainings, and works with individuals and groups to meet their needs and stay within their budget.  


"There's many professionals who need to be First Aid and/or CPR certified and are at a loss when it comes to finding a safe place to get the training," she said. " I work with people in small groups and offer a lot of the training virtually. There are some aspects that require in-person training, but I insist on everyone wearing masks and social distancing. Safety always comes first. If you come without a mask to my training, I'll make sure you have one before entering the room. Like the Girl Scout motto encourages, I'm prepared!"   


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