Monday, February 15, 2021

Silver Award Spotlight: Beautify Moyock Schools

Girl Scout Cadettes Kasia, Madalyn, Madisyn and Savanna of Troop 563 earned their Silver Award by completing their project titled, “Beautify Moyock Schools.” The four Cadettes raised money for their Silver Award by asking family and friends for donations and by hosting a garage sale. Their project consisted of two main parts, one project at Moyock Middle School and another at Moyock Elementary School. 

First, they made contact with the elementary school principal to see how they could make the school better for the students. They learned that near their playground, there was a hopscotch area where all the paint had nearly faded away. The girls did research and worked together to decide what games to create and what colors to use. They painted a new hopscotch frame, a four-square game, a throwing game, and a jumping game. For an extra touch, they wrote kind messages to be read while playing the games. 

“While we were painting the games we were remembering what it was like when we were in elementary school,” the girls said. “We thought painting these games would give the kids more of a variety of things to do. We were excited to do that because we were able to give back to the kids so they could enjoy it how we would have when we were their age!”

Next, the four met with the middle school principal to talk about what needs the school might have. They decided to clean up the garden beds in front of the school and add new plants. The girls made a budget, cleaned up the beds, and made a sign with the school letters, MMS, inside of a wooden frame. The Cadettes sketched out a template, and with the supervision of parents and the guidance of a family friend, learned how to use a jigsaw. After everything was assembled, they installed the shadow box into the ground, as well as planted new plants in the garden. 

“It has a deep meaning to us since most of us went to both of these schools and now that we are older we are helping by keeping the schools up to date and looking pretty,” the girls said. “Hopefully, our Girl Scout Silver Project will inspire other Girl Scouts to do something similar or keep ours maintained. By doing all of this work, we succeeded in our project of Beautifying Moyock Schools!”

Congratulations on earning your Silver Award, Girl Scouts and thank you for making the world a better place!