Thursday, September 30, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Battling Period Poverty

Girl Scout Ambassador Victoria of Troop 534 recently earned her Gold Award in a project she titled, “Battling Period Poverty.” This Gold Award project focused on the accessibility of feminine hygiene products and the sustainability of those products on the environment. Period poverty and sustainability is an issue that affects girls and women of all ages around the world.

“All around my community, my country, and my planet, there are women who suffer from period poverty,” Victoria said. “Many women and young girls can not attend school or work because they cannot afford menstrual products.”

In her project, Victoria addressed the luxury tax on feminine hygiene care and the tough decisions that some families have to make to afford the necessities, like choosing between food and hygiene products.

To address these issues, Victoria enlisted a team of volunteers from her church that created and distributed sustainable and reusable sanitary pads in various sizes and care instructions to women in her community. Victoria’s design is machine or hand washable and can be used for years and years with proper care. To make a larger impact, Victoria created a website with a PDF template of her sanitary pad design with how-to video instructions for others to use.

Her project was a success and the volunteer team sewed over 150 cloth pads that were used in 20 kits for women and girls that will last them indefinitely. 

Victoria’s website can be found here with more information about her mission and how-to instructions for those interested in recreating her design.

Gold Award Girl Scout Victoria

From Victorias website, she shares designs for girls and women of all shapes and sizes.