Friday, October 1, 2021

GSCCC Welcomes New Board Chair Marisa Porto

The Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast’s (GSCCC) Board of Directors held their annual meeting on Thursday, September 30. Council CEO Tracy Keller and Board Chair Barbara Tierney presented end-of-year reports that included many high notes, reporting goals being exceeded in membership, program services and revenue. During Keller’s report, she said the interest and determination of the nearly 7,000 girls served kept staff and volunteers looking for more ways to deliver program.  More than 4,000 girls were served through programs that included badge-in-a-box program kits that were delivered to girls, helping girls earn badges in STEM and other badge areas while at home. Keller also said getting outdoors doing activities such as archery and boating were popular among girls, keeping them engaged and allowing them to meet in person during the pandemic.  

 “While we knew it was going to be a challenging year, we aimed at goals that were within the realm of reason during these challenging times,” Keller said. “Yet we set goals that required us to reach and maintain our sustainability. We were very fortunate to have a strong board to lead us and a dedicated staff.”


At the closing of the meeting, the newly elected board members were introduced and officially welcomed. Outgoing Board Chair Barbara Tierney ceremoniously handed the gavel to incoming Board Chair Marisa Porto. Porto, who serves as the Assistant Dean of Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications at Hampton University, is a lifelong Girl Scout who has served on the GSCCC’s Board of Directors as a member at large for many years. The other officers elected and placed in position for two-year terms are Vice Chair Carolyn Pittman and Treasurer Luis Estrada.  Members-at-large include Katina Barnes, Dawn Brotherton, Amanda Howie, Christy Murphy, Michelle Penn-Marshall, Kyle Price, Heather Robinson, Jeff Thomas, and Carletta Waddler.


Following the official meeting, a ceremony was held where outgoing Board Chair Barbara Tierney was presented the sign that will be used for a new bicycle adventure unit at Camp Skimino, a council camp property near Williamsburg. Tierney, a lifetime Girl Scout whose first job was as a camp counselor overseeing a bike unit, was emotional as Porto added that the council was adding 20 new bicycles, safety equipment, and storage space to support the unit in Barbara Tierney’s name. The sign’s graphic was designed similarly to Barbara’s Board Chair patch – Bee Fierce text and an image of a bee. The unit will be ready for sprig adventures and summer camp!  


“ Girl Scouting has been an important part of my family’s history for generations and I have been so grateful to have had an opportunity to serve in this leadership role during such a crucial time,” Tierney said.  

See a new Bike Unit at Camp Skimino presentation from Marisa Porto to Barbara Tierney video here-

Barbara Tierney with her sister Vickie Kearn at the flagpole area at A Place for Girls where several Bricks of Honor were unveiled to honor members of Barbara’s family - a family with a strong Girl Scout history.

Part of the festivities included board members networking and having fun after the official meeting. Each created a boat that the floated in a rain-gutter regatta!

Outgoing Board Member Claire Winiarek with new Board Chair Marisa Porto.

Marisa at the ropes station trying her hand at a clove hitch.

New board member Kyle Price.

Barbara presented a gift to Tracy Keller thanking her for all the support she had given her during her term as board chair.