Friday, March 22, 2019

Gold Award Spotlight: Drop Everything and Read

Girl Scout Samantha has earned her Gold Award, the highest honor and achievement a girl can earn in Girl Scouts.

With a love for reading, Samantha was able to create two reading clubs for preschool classes at a local elementary school for her Gold Award project, “Drop Everything and Read.” She wanted to create an environment that made reading fun.

When she would meet with the groups, Samantha would read a story with the kids, do an activity relating to the story they read, and then continue to read more books for the duration of the club’s meeting time. The goal of including a fun activity in between reading books was to show children that what you learn from reading can be fun.

She hoped that the more that students read and participated in her club, the more they would want to read on their own which would result in bigger vocabularies and higher test scores.

“By giving these kids a love of reading, I hope they spread it throughout their friends and families. This will allow for an increase in literacy in this area, which affects the literacy rate nationwide,” she said.

Samantha even created a blog to inspire others to get children reading more and to make it fun. Her blog also covered her individual journey of her Gold Award.