Thursday, March 12, 2020

Gold Award Spotlight: Fort Story Summer Reading Program

Girl Scout Ambassador Morgan from Virginia Beach loves reading and used that passion as the focus to earn her Gold Award, the highest honor and achievement a Girl Scout can earn.

Morgan learned that reading with an adult is a foundation for lifelong literacy in young children, however, for busy parents it can be difficult to find time to read with their children. Morgan learned that a lack of reading time at home can lead to falling behind in school so she decided to take action to help children in her community!

To tackle this issue, Morgan formed the Literacy Mentors Club at her school. She recruited a team of students from her high school to do weekly readings at Fort Story with John B. Dey Elementary School kindergarten and first-grade students during the school year. Younger kids loved having opportunities to spend time reading with older students from the area.

Morgan then planned and executed a summer reading program that distributed two books a month to over 160 military students from Fort Story. In addition, she did readings twice a week during the summer program on the base so parents had a convenient location to bring their children. Overall Morgan helped deliver 1,000 books and spent over 30 hours reading to children during her summer program.

The Literacy Mentors Club will continue to bring the fun of reading to children of military families and will be sustained by sponsoring faculty from Morgan’s high school.
Along with learning networking skills, how to organize volunteers and schedule time for a team, Morgan says, “The most successful part was having the children at Fort Story gain interest and build confidence in reading.”

Way to go, Morgan!