Friday, March 27, 2020

Gold Award Spotlight: Wildlife Education Materials for the Community

Imagine you are walking a nature trail with your troop and you come across a small bunny all alone. We might begin to wonder if it was sick or abandoned. It can be hard to know what to do or who to call when you believe an animal is in trouble.

It may feel like a good idea to just take the animal home or to a wildlife center, but taking animals from their habitat can often cause unintentional harm. Removing animals from their environment, especially babies when there is not an emergency, can be detrimental.

Girl Scout Ambassador Maren learned that this issue was affecting her community in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Maren knew she had to help. She was able to bring understanding about local wildlife traits by developing informational pamphlets and hand-outs for local wildlife refuges to give to the community. Her materials also explain how to tell if an animal is behaving normally or if it may be injured. In addition to developing informational materials, she also created an informational website.

Maren used her cookie earnings to sponsor a Virginia Beach SPCA representative’s visit to Rosemont Forest Elementary in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for a day of fun and wildlife education for younger kids. Maren had a great time sharing her knowledge of wildlife and their habitats with the students and taught them what to do if they think an animal is in danger.

Through all of Maren’s hard work and dedication to wildlife, she was able to earn her Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest honor and achievement a Girl Scout can earn.

Thank you, Maren, for preserving wildlife and helping the make the world a better place!