Friday, May 22, 2020

Cookie Season Wrap-Up and Top Ten sellers!

The 2020 Girl Scout Cookie season here at GSCCC is over and we want to recognize all of the hard work and dedication that went into making this cookie season a success- and a HUGE success it was. We had over 6,000 girls participate in the cookie program, many for the first time as a Girl Scout.

During this unprecedented time, our girls faced challenges and proceeded to find creative ways to reach their goals. A total of 1,571,512 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies were sold! Our Girl Scouts were also able to donate 68,159 boxes of cookies to the United Services Organization (USO) as well as to local heroes. 

A special congratulations to our Top Ten - these Cookie Entrepreneurs met outstanding goals! 

2020 Cookie Program Top 10 Sellers

1) Makiyah M. (Troop 1320) sold 5,605 boxes
2) Danielle S. (Troop 5) sold 5,115 boxes
3) Jasmine B.B. (individually registered girl) sold 4,713 boxes
4) Maureen K. (Troop 359) sold 4,691 boxes
5) Morgan N. (Troop 373) sold 4,659 boxes
6) Abigael S. (Troop 235) sold 3,605 boxes
7) Lorelei T. (individually registered girl) sold 3,138 boxes
8) Amiyah S. (Troop 40) sold 2,833 boxes
9) Alexis V. (Troop 628) sold 2,804 boxes
10) Madison M (Troop 661) sold 2,607 boxes

All girls who participated in the cookie program deserve to feel proud of their cookie entrepreneurship and willingness to help the community! Read on to hear some more exciting stats about this cookie season-

  • 60 girls sold 1,500+ boxes ( a free Lifetime Membership is among the rewards given out in this category) 
  • 148 girls sold 1,000+ boxes and have achieved CEO status 
  •  247 girls sold 750+ boxes and have achieved Super Seller status
  • 46 girls sold 132+ Gift of Caring boxes

Thank you to all - girls, parents, volunteers and, of course, our customers -  who made this season a success!