Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Girl Scout alum Frances Carr Celebrates a Lifetime of Friendship with Memorial Brick

Girl Scout alum Frances Carr from Suffolk has many memories of leading a troop and the fond friendships made through Girl Scouts. She became involved as a Girl Scout leader when her daughter, Dabney, became interested. Both found a lifetime connection with Girl Scouts, a true sisterhood that has held up over time. 

While there are many great memories, Frances recalls traveling to England to visit the Pax Lodge and then onto Switzerland to the Chalet - both centers part of the Word Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, as a favorite. As the troop was camping most of their time in Europe, this meant months of detailed planning for meals and essentials they would need to pack. Frances still has those planning records and photos and other memorabilia from the trip. She remembers fantastic hikes, and side adventures- one particularly memorable trip involved caving.  

The trip was a learning experience and an opportunity to meet Girl Guides, great friends they would continue to keep in touch with over the years. Frances said there are so many great stories to be shared from that trip! There are also countless fond memories from other trips including another to Canada where the group stayed together at a Girl Guide camp. 

The troop members have kept in touch over the years, first through letters, then emails and now through social media. They have even held reunions regularly. One of the reunions was held at the Francis Land House, an historical home and museum in Virginia Beach. Their trip was among those showcased in an exhibit on Girl Scout Wider Opportunities - now called Girl Scout Destinations. 

With a lifetime of memories and friendships made, Frances decided this year to purchase a brick in honor of the troop and hopes the "girls," now in their 50s, will attend the brick ceremony and dedication in July that will be held at A Place for Girls in Chesapeake, Virginia as a way to immortalize their journeys together. 

Here is a video interview with Girl Scout alum Frances Carr:

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